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Appcelerator’s Titanium Platform Now Accepting Beta Applications


Appcelerator is a cross-platform application development company and they’ve recently announced beta support for BlackBerry. Web developers already use Appcelerator’s Titanium platform to create rich native mobile apps for other smartphones including iPhone and Android, as well as desktop apps across PC, Mac and Linux, using familiar HTML and CSS.

According to an Appcelerator March 2010 survey, developer interest in creating applications for BlackBerry grew two-fold to 43%. In another earlier Appcelerator January 2010 survey, developers indicated increasing interest in building enterprise-type applications, such as business and productivity apps.

For more information about Appcelerator’s Titanium platform, visit their site and register for the beta. The application deadline is May 21. Beta software will be available on June 1st.

Kompass for Basecamp Now Accepting Beta Testers


Basecamp is an incredibly effective and popular, web-based project management tool. The platform has needed a good BlackBerry app for some time now, and Kompass have created a mobile site to address this demand. Kompass has started selecting beta testers for their Kompass for Basecamp portal and it’s a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and offer valuable feedback.
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Beta Review: SocialScope Version with Foursquare and Flickr Integration


SocialScope is still very much in private beta but their app has continues to grow and get updated. The latest version has a very clean UI with additional social networks and features. It’s not clear why the company has chosen to keep the app hidden from the public, but I’m sure there are advantages to keeping a small beta testing group until the product is totally polished. Lets take a look at where the app is now and what can be improved.

SocialScope is building itself as a hub for social networks. Currently, you can add multiple Twitter accounts, a Facebook feed, a Foursquare feed and a Flickr account. The SocialScope feed is the amalgamation of all of these accounts in one feed. After adding several accounts, the feed gets a little hectic, and I can only imagine how cluttered it would get if you have thousands of Twitter accounts followed.
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Tungle Looking for Beta Volunteers for New Blackberry App


Tungle, the slick cloud based scheduling tool has just tweeted that they are looking for beta testers.  To get in, email bb@tungle.com and include your Blackberry model and OS version.

For those of you not yet familiar with Tungle, it’s a great app that has proved indispensable to me and excels at solving the problem of cross-network scheduling of meetings.  A typical scenario is this:

  • I want to book a meeting with several people from 2 or more companies, which means I can’t see their calendars and they can’t see mine.
  • So I either decide that I’m ‘feeling lucky’, a la Google, and then send out meeting invites for a specific date and time, or I’ll start playing the ‘this date works for me…how about you?’ game.
  • Either method results in a series of wasted back and forth communications whose number is directly and exponentially tied to how many attendees will be in the meeting.
  • Eventually, through luck and determination, and lots of wasted time and effort we finally arrive at a date and time that works for all.

Tungle solves this beautifully by allowing the other attendees to either accept the meeting invite or propose different times.  It really shines when most (or all) of the attendees use Tungle as your Tungle calendar can sync with your other calendars (notably Outlook and Gmail with more to follow I’m sure) which means that you can very quickly find a specific time slot that works for everyone attending.

I’ve applied to the beta and will post a review after I get it and put it through it’s paces.

Beta Testers Needed - Be Part of Poynt’s Next Major Release



Poynt is now accepting Beta testers for their next release! This is awesome news considering the next release includes support for Open Table, which allows you to find restaurants and make reservations. You heard it first on BlackBerry Cool!

Here are the details from Poynt:

The next major release of Poynt, the award-winning local search application for BlackBerry® smartphones, is nearing completion and to ensure its ready for prime-time, we’re looking for 500 dedicated BlackBerry users to help test the application.

Poynt is well known for its awesome UI, not to mention how easy it is to find local businesses and movie information. The next release features a separate Restaurant section with the ability to read reviews and book dining reservations. Help us make sure it lives up to what you’ve come to expect – email us now at beta@mypoynt.com.

Make sure to let us know your PIN, BlackBerry device and carrier.

UPDATE FROM POYNT: Thanks everyone for your response and enthusiasm. We have exceeded the number of beta testers required and have closed the Poynt Beta. Stay tuned for the release.

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