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Add Filters to Your Pictures with PixTrix Public Beta


The company Inline Marmalade let us know about their first BlackBerry app called PixTrix, which is a simple to use photo editing app. With PixTrix, users can apply photographic filters to their pics, much like Instagram for iPhone. The app is currently available as a public beta, and can be used with devices running OS 5.0 with 6.0 not currently available but coming soon.

Grab the public beta download from their site at this link.

Kompass for Basecamp Now Available in Public Beta



Kompass for Basecamp has been in private beta for some time now and after some extensive testing, they’re now offering the app as a public beta. Along with the original features in the private beta, version 1.0 now has some new features including:

  • Multi-account access
  • File viewing / downloading
  • Legacy support for older BlackBerry devices (prior to OS 4.6)
  • Web-clip support for iPhones
  • Improved speed for larger accounts

If you don’t already have a Kompass account, sign up using this link and you can get started with the public beta.

Hootsuite for BlackBerry Now Available as Public Beta


Hootsuite is an incredibly popular desktop app and the BlackBerry version has been long awaited. The app is now free and in public beta so give it a try. Hootsuite for BlackBerry gives you the ability to update both Facebook and Twitter, plus on-board stats, scheduling and the other core HootSuite web features you rely upon. Other features of Hootsuite for BlackBerry include:

  • Manage multiple social identities and networks
  • Receive optional background notifications for updates
  • Create custom views for tags and searches
  • Schedule messages to send in the future
  • Share and store photos & files
  • Shorten URLs with built-in Ow.ly tool

Go to hootsuite.com/blackberry to download the public beta. The company has done a great job of supporting a wide variety of BlackBerrys including including OS 4.2.1, 4.5, 4.6, 5.0, and 6.0 – and it’s even touch-enabled where possible.

BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of March 22nd


This was a great week for the BlackBerry Nation filled with OS leaks, new apps, and some good news on the BIS side of things. The BlackBerry Beta Zone launched this week and it’s a great opportunity for the general public to get access to invite-only beta apps. This means you can get an advanced look at the latest BlackBerry Messenger, Desktop Manager, or even OS builds. I’ve heard most of the apps will be available to anyone, but OS builds will be selected based on device and carrier conditions. So if you’re an early adopter, this program is perfect for you.

Speaking of first party RIM apps, we also got some insight on a official BlackBerry apps such as Twitter, Facebook and the yet to be announced BlackBerry Shield. My personal thoughts on RIM’s approach to developing software was outlined in an editorial I wrote this week, and if you’re a developer I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Something that wasn’t mentioned, which I’ll say now without creating a new post, is that BlackBerry Shield will be announced at WES. While it won’t launch for some time later, we do know it will be part of the press announcements. Click through after the jump and get caught up on a week of BlackBerry news.

Speaking of WES, don’t forget to sign up for Zenprise’s Smartphone Support Story contest where they’ll be giving away a free ticket to WES 2010. If you submit a story by video, and you win, they’ll also cover the cost of your flight. Check it out at Facebook.com/Zenprise.

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Find your lost BlackBerry with Where’s My Phone Pro free public beta


Where’s My Phone is an app that helps you find your BlackBerry. The app works over email and lets you remotely trigger an alarm so you can find your device.

Features include:

  • Remotely trigger a loud alarm, even if your BlackBerry is on vibrate or silent mode!
  • Display a message on the screen, telling the finder how to contact you.
  • Get your BlackBerry’s location via GPS, emailed back to you (on devices with supported GPS).
  • Check battery status remotely.
  • Learn if someone resets the BlackBerry with a battery pull.
  • Have your BlackBerry call you at another number, so you can “hear” where it is.

Download the free public beta of Where’s My Phone from essare.net.

Snikkr LBS app now available for public beta


When we last wrote about Snikkr, they were in a closed alpha testing phase and they’ve now gone public beta. The company is looking for a few thousand more beta users in the next six weeks, so if you have a relatively current BlackBerry (OS 4.5+), they would appreciate your feedback.

Snikkr for BlackBerry combines productivity, location and social networking features. The application is a mashup of Loopt, Latitude, Google Mobile Maps, Glympse, uLocate and Where, among others.

The company says their application helps with “social productivity.” The feature set make your social interactions and group events, from lunch to meetings to travel, more productive easier to manage.

Snikkr Mobile is now in open beta release. Register to get in the public beta.