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Roundup of Twitter features from Viigo


Social networking has become a popular component of Viigo. In Tango 9, Release 3, Viigo introduced a feature rich Twitter client. With this new feature, you can initiate a tweet, follow the public timeline, your friends timeline or your followers timeline. You can also view direct messages, favorite messages, mentions and more.

Here is a breakdown of features available:

  • Follow the public timeline, your friends timeline (home) or your followers timeline.
  • Read Direct Messages, Favorite Messages and Mentions
  • Initiate a Tweet, Retweet and Retweet all
  • Perform searches on key words so you can see when people are discussing a topic of interest to you.
  • See whether a person is following you, or not, by the color of the text (green being yes and red being no).
  • See if a person has been validated by Twitter
  • If there is a picture added to a tweet it will appear within the post.
  • If the tweet included a hash tag the hash tag will also automatically appear in your reply.
  • The reply all feature will show up automatically if more than one person was included in a tweet.

Getting set up to use Twitter in Viigo is easy:

  • From within Social Networks select add a channel. From the list of available channels select Twitter. Then select Add Account.
  • Enter your Twitter username and password, then select all the options I spoke of earlier that you would like included.
  • To include a search select add search then type in the word you want to search on.

Download Viigo for your BlackBerry.

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