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Thomson Reuters Eikon Launches Market Data App for BlackBerry 10


Thomson Reuters has recently launched an app that gives users quick access to financial market data. The app takes advantage of full privacy and enterprise security features of the BlackBerry 10 platform. According to the press release, Thomson Reuters worked with BlackBerry on the release, which is interesting because it makes you wonder how many other partners BlackBerry is helping to launch apps with. Perhaps BlackBerry is doing a lot of the heavy lifting with their partners.
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Browse Reuters Galleries with Free BlackBerry App


Reuters has a free BlackBerry app for viewing their picture galleries. Reuters has some really incredible pictures that are updated daily and the BlackBerry app does a good job of displaying them. There isn’t much to this app and generally the pictures are better viewed on a desktop, but if you’re looking for some eye candy while on the bus or in a line, this app is worth a try.

The Reuters Galleries app is available for the Bold 9000, 9700, Storm and Storm2.

Reuters is wrong about RIM’s stock valuation and market strategy



Yesterday, we heard RIM give its Q1 2010 fiscal conference call and I get the feeling Reuters wasn’t even listening. They had the following to say:

“Research In Motion offered investors an outlook yesterday that fell short of some expectations, sending the BlackBerry maker’s stock sliding five per cent even as the company reported a higher quarterly profit that topped forecasts.”

First of all, the stock sliding 5% is not necessarily correlated with the conference call. In my opinion, RIM did an excellent job of reassuring shareholders that the company was strong financially. The outlook they offered did not fall short of expectations. In fact, across the board, financial results were better than predicted and Jim addressed the question period adequately.

According to Reuters, the drop “may reflect concern over a competitive landscape that has become more cluttered with alternatives to the BlackBerry.”

The truth of the matter is that RIM does not see other smartphones as a threat. They addressed this issue very clearly in the conference call.

First, the new iPhone pricing is industry standard and nothing RIM can’t match. Apple is simply selling year-old hardware at a discount. This is nothing new and RIM has been doing this for all their handsets. Secondly, the smartphone market is growing fast enough to allow more device competition. The pie is getting larger and it’s not a matter of who gets what slice.

Reuters also points to the global economy as a reason for the share price drop. Sure, while the recession is affecting IT markets, this isn’t something unique to RIM and therefore shouldn’t be lumped together with saying that RIM didn’t meet expectations of shareholders.

As explained in the conference call, revenue is mainly affected by seasonal trends and the summer is inevitably going to be slow. As a shareholder listening to the call, I might want to move my stock out for the summer, and buy back when it has come down a little. My prediction is that you will see the stock jump significantly after the summer, when the fall and holiday seasons are sure to boost revenues.


Top 10 free BlackBerry news apps from Handmark


Handmark started off as a distribution channel, and are now doing a lot of development for mobile and especially BlackBerry. They have a series of free apps that are ad supported and I’ve taken the time to put together their 10 best free news applications. Each app can be downloaded from the same page, either from your BlackBerry browser or your desktop.

Thomson Reuters

Access professional-grade news and market data from Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source for intelligent information for businesses and professionals.

The Wall Street Journal

Instant access to The Wall Street Journal news with this customizable application. The Mobile Reader allows you to read the Journal’s comprehensive news anywhere, even offline.
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RIM’s stock jumps on Q4 promises


A quick look at RIM’s stock on Yahoo! Finance shows that the Waterloo company has jumped a quick $3 from close yesterday, roughly 8% of their total share price, to $41.50. Analysts are attributing the minor (but welcome) bump not so much to yesterday’s fiscal Q3 2009 earnings report, but RIM’s guidance for Q4.

While analysts had expected revenue of $2.97 billion and earnings per share of 83 cents on average, RIM is expecting Q4 sales of $3.3 billion to $3.5 billion and earnings of 83 to 91 cents per share. These figures are being attributed to a “record number” of Q4 device shipments, likely due to multiple launch delays.

If RIM has the quarter in Q4 they wanted to have in Q3, expect the market to respond in a big way. For now, it’s cautious optimism to promises of future gains.

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Web Signals Push News Now Available


Our boy Ronen from BerryReview noticed today that RIM has already put into motion the third party web signals push service announced this week at BBDC on mobile.blackberry.com. Here’s a list of the first six news/information offerings available:

NYTimes.com Bits Blog Notifier - Learn about news & analysis as it happens with NYTimes.com Bits Blog Notifier. With news & analysis on the tech industry through the day from NY Times writers & freelancers.
Accuweather.com- Get free constantly updated forecasts pushed to your BlackBerry smartphone. View radar, 10-day & hourly forecasts & severe weather alerts.
Reuters News Web Signals - Get breaking news with Reuters Web Signals on your BlackBerry smartphone. As news breaks, the Reuters icon changes & sends you to the story.
FOX News Alert - Be the first to know when news breaks. Download FOX News Alert & get instant alerts to breaking news directly on your BlackBerry Smartphone.
CBC - Receive the day’s top headlines and breaking news with the innovative CBC web signal for BlackBerry smartphones
Thumbplay Web Signal - Get content releases from Thumbplay. The Thumbplay icon sends you to BlackBerry compatible content like music, ringtones, games, videos & more.

Head to mobile.blackberry.com on your BlackBerry Browser to download your web signals service of choice.

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