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BlackBerry, Frank’s Hot Sauce and Chili Pens “Spark” Possibilities


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Our buddy RogersDude69 sent over something funny. Apparently BlackBerry reps are going around Rogers retail stores and handing out their latest marketing initiative called “spark possibilities”. What do you think of when you hear the word “spark”? Frank’s Hot Sauce and a chili pen of course. Let’s file this one under WTF Marketing and just forget about it. Agreed?

Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9780 Promo Kits Arrive in Stores


blackberry bold 9780

Rogers has confirmed to us that they’re offering the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and our good friend RogersDude69 let us know that the promo kits are now in stores. This device looks just like the 9700 and while the spec sheet is a little improved, it’s not necessarily going to blow you away. If you’re a happy 9700 user, you’ll probably appreciate the better camera.

Rogers No Longer Accepting BIS Email Activations via Online Portal


rogers bis

Rogers sent out an email telling reps that beginning September 10th, new BlackBerry users will have to use their BlackBerry to register their BIS email and they’ll no longer be able to do so online via the web portal. Online BIS activation is still possible with other carriers such as Bell, but Rogers has decided to opt out. Rogers says that they have been receiving a high volume of password related support calls, and since the device doesn’t require the password, they’re cutting support costs. It’s likely that more carriers will follow suit.

Here is the official email Rogers sent out:
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Rogers BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Arrives in Store


rogers blackberry curve 3g boxes

The Rogers BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 has arrived in Rogers retail outlets and the box has the same modern look as the BlackBerry Torch. RIM has done a great job of updating their device packaging so it isn’t stuffed with manuals, CDs and giant chargers that take up space. The new BlackBerry packaging is about half the size and doesn’t come with a case like they used to. It’s a little lame to not get a case but it makes a lot of sense not to include it anymore. By not giving the user a free case, RIM has really opened up the third party case market.

The BlackBerry Curve 3G from Rogers comes with OS with no App World preload. We have been hearing about how RIM scored an App World preload deal for some time but perhaps it will only come with App World 2.0. A couple more pics after the jump.
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BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Coming to Rogers Q3 2010


This pic comes to us from our friend RogersDude69 who snapped it while on the job. The BlackBerry Curve 3G is one of the least interesting BlackBerrys in RIM’s current product line and even Rogers themselves describe the device as “a basic BlackBerry”. The device is aimed at students and it’s pretty clear that it will have a low price tag. If this device is free, I can definitely see a lot of people getting one. The pic shows that the BlackBerry Curve 3G will be coming to Rogers in Q3 2010 and features the following:

  • First 3G Curve
  • Exclusive color
  • Build-in WiFi and GPS
  • 2.0 MP camera

We’ll have more details for you in the coming weeks about this device so stay tuned.

Comparing Smartphone App Launches Between iPhone and BlackBerry


After discussing the developer ecosystem internally, as well as with some industry players, the conversation naturally progressed to app launches for the various smartphone platforms out there. While previously we discussed the ecosystem as it pertains to the business side, what about how all of this affects the end user? The easiest way to measure this is how soon do we get the apps we want, relative to other smartphone users, and what feature sets do they come with?

BlackBerry offers the potential for all applications to be, in many ways, better than for other smartphones. Integration through APIs, the added value of push technology, and unique social networking opportunities through BBM, should make BlackBerry the first smartphone that developers think about when building a compelling smartphone app. Also, App World has demonstrated that BlackBerry users have a much higher tolerance for price, and are willing to pay significantly more for applications. But as users we know this doesn’t result in bringing developers to our doorstep. Take a series of examplesof popular applications that almost every BlackBerry user would want, but for one reason or another could not get until well after another smartphone, usually the iPhone, got it first.
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