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RIM To Release BlackBerry Tablet Before Christmas 2010?


An electronic components company Hon Hai, let out a brief report saying “RIMM to Launch Own Tablet in Late 2010.” The report confirms that RIM has placed an order with the supplier for 8.9″ displays for use in a tablet. According to Hoovers.com, “Hon Hai Precision Industry may be the biggest electronics company you never heard of. The company, more commonly known by its trade name, Foxconn, is one of the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturers.”

When we last wrote about the idea of RIM releasing a BlackBerry tablet, the comments lit up with a lot of users against the idea. The general sentiment was that RIM needs to stop following in Apple’s footsteps, and innovate within their own field of expertise. Even Mike Lazaridis wasn’t keen on the idea of a tablet, saying he didn’t see the need considering the netbook was available.

At this point we can’t say if these displays are meant for a tablet, or some other project RIM is toying with. Would you buy a BlackBerry Tablet?

Rumor: Black and Pink BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Coming to TELUS


Friday has been pretty packed with rumors flying around so this week’s roundup should be fun. The latest rumor about the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is that it’s coming to TELUS in both black and pink. Nothing too shocking about the rumor and it’s probably going to turn out true, but it’s a good thing for TELUS customers to know. I know a lot of guys who are pearl users but you can’t deny that a Pearl 9100 in pink is going to be awesome for the teenage girl market.

BlackBerry Pearl Stratus 9100 to Get Full QWERTY Keyboard?


A BlackBerry parts manufacturer, TrueSupplier, are offering a full QWERTY keypad for the upcoming, unreleased Pearl 9100. If this is true, it means three possibilities: RIM will offer the Pearl 9100 in both QWERTY and SureType, only one will be chosen over the other, or the whole thing is a hoax and the 9100 is never getting QWERTY.

So let’s put aside the idea that this is a hoax because it’s more fun to speculate on the possibility of it being real. If RIM were to offer the 9100 with a QWERTY keypad, will the keys even be large enough to be functional. By the looks of the picture, the keys are incredibly tight. Personally, I couldn’t use something that small but I’m sure there are people out there who would like a small keyboard.

What about yourself, does this look like something you could like?

More Pics and Details of the BlackBerry Pearl Stratus 9100 Emerge



It seems we’re getting much closer to the Pearl 9100′s release date as more pics are getting leaked. The latest pics show the About screen, giving us some details about what OS the device is currently working with (OS and confirming that the Pearl 9100 does in fact use 3G bands. Rumor has it that the device will go to T-Mobile, WIND, Rogers and AT&T, meaning lots of customers are going to get their hands on this one. More pics after the jump.
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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of January 25th



The most exciting news this week was definitely checking out the BlackBerry Magnum. It’s really a shame that this device will never see the light of day (sources tell us), but it’s still very possible that a touchscreen/QWERTY hybrid is in the cards. Even though the Magnum had no OS loaded on it, we could still see that it used SurePress, which in my opinion would have been a little awkward. On the other hand, the Bold 9000 form factor is one I sincerely miss and hope RIM brings it back.

For all of you who want the BlackBerry Cool wallpaper that I use for these posts, download it from the above image (large size here) and use our Wallpaper service to resize the image. Now lets get caught up on the news.
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Video of the BlackBerry Magnum Shows SurePress Tech


The BlackBerry Magnum is the a hybrid touchscreen and QWERTY device that is encased in a Bold 9000 form factor. Cellguru has an engineering version on hand and after having previously posted pics, he now has some video up. The device doesn’t have an OS loaded on it because it’s clearly very early in the engineering phase. Everyone I’ve spoken to says this device isn’t going to make it to market, which is a shame because I love the form factor and I would definitely buy this device. What do you think?