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Password Breaker Gives Access to BlackBerry Wallet and Password Keeper


ElcomSoft has announced that the latest update to its Password Breaker software can access the BlackBerry Wallet and Password Keeper applications’ master password, providing investigators or government officials full access to stored login credentials and passwords in plain-text. Click through to read more.
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Largest carrier in Russia to offer BlackBerry - privacy rights not included



OAO Mobile TeleSystems, Russia’s largest mobile operator, plans to begin selling BlackBerry phones to individuals in the country within two weeks as communications companies compete for wealthy customers.

Mobile TeleSystems, already offers BlackBerry to corporate users, but is looking to attract a consumer base. The company aims to attract about 3,000 retail clients in Russia this year. The operator has about 3,800 retail customers in Ukraine, after starting to offer BlackBerry service to individuals in June.

Although the Russian economy is feeling the recession like anywhere else in the world, I know BlackBerry will be a hit there. Not only is it a status symbol, which will make it a hit among consumers, but it is an essential tool for enterprise. This is why RIM is seeing a 50/50 split in their sales.

One thing to watch out for: The Federal Security Service has access to consumer emails and data whereas the corporate version is offered on encrypted channels. The quality will not be affected but if you’re a strong supporter of Gary Kasparov, better save your mass emails for when you get home.

[ED NOTE: Yes, I know Putin is no longer in power. Or is he? *wink*]


Opera Mini in Russia and central Asian countries


Opera has recently put out some research to suggest that local services and sites are key to the growth and sustainability of the mobile web.

Here are some quick facts about Opera Mini:

  • Opera Mini increased its total consumer user-base to more than 20.5 million. This represents more than 160% growth since February 2008.
  • Opera Mini users viewed 7.3 billion pages, a 290% increase over February 2008.
  • Opera Mini servers processed more than 1.2 petabytes of data in February, generating more than 124 million MB of data traffic for mobile operators worldwide.
  • Since February 2008, data transfers have grown 338%.

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Canadian Pricing and Developer Challenges (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 37)


BlackBerry Cool Podcast

This week we have fun taking it to the Canadian wireless industry not only for overpricing the BlackBerry Bold on Rogers, but also for the unopposed text message charges by Telus and Bell. A lot of different upcoming devices are touched on, including the flip BlackBerry 8220 (a.k.a the Kickstart), the newly-scoped iDEN BlackBerry 8350, as well as a new feature in the BlackBerry Javelin. There’s plenty more where that came from - just hit the jump!

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BlackBerry 8800 launched in Russia


Onion domeVimpelCom has launched the BlackBerry 8800 in Russia today under the Bee Line brand, following up on a fine contract with British American Tobacco and a batch of BlackBerry 8700s. It might seem like sloppy seconds when other countries are getting the likes of the BlackBerry Bold in mere weeks, but at the end of the day, the 8800 is still a solid platform for BlackBerry service - heck, I see government workers on the bus every morning still packing the old blue 7200 series models who would kill for an 8800. It might be easy to see the flip BlackBerry 8220 replacing the BlackBerry Pearl, and the BlackBerry Javelin eventually replacing the BlackBerry Curve, but those devices are still solid, and will likely stick around for a good long time after the Bold is released.

(via RIM)

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 9


BBCoolSimon Sage gives a quick update on the week’s news. The spotlight shines squarely on new BlackBerry 9100 info, but we also go over releases in Russia and Singapore, Google’s new My Location, the results of Black Friday sales, and more. Take a listen here! (14 minutes)