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Gary Krakow hates the BlackBerry Scrollball


Gary Krakow, Senior Technology Correspondent for TheStreet.com is a man on a mission. In love with his BlackBerry 8820, which he has used for six months, Krakow is steaming mad that his BlackBerry’s scrollball no longer works. Interviewing his own IT people, Krakow discovers that the majority of the BlackBerrys used at TheStreet.com last about a month before having to be sent back for repairs. Stating that this is a “wake up call for the entire industry” (uh, Gary, how many other smartphone manufacturers do you know that use scroll balls?), Krakow demands that RIM offer the ability to remove and clean the BlackBerry scrollball similar to the old PC mice used in the mid-nineties.

My first thought upon watching this video was, “gee, the people at TheStreet have really dirty hands.” While BBCool HQ has run across the occasional sticky scrollball, our problems are nothing like those of Mr. Krakow and friends. To be fair, BlackBerry support document really doesn’t offer any significant advice on how to deal with the problem, but Gary, there’s a huge difference between the functionality of a $20 mouse and an $800 smartphone! So here’s a protip from us to you: gently wet your thumb before rolling the scrollball. Any unwanted dirt will stick to the moisture on the ball, making it much easier to remove.

To all our IT friends out there, I pose a question: does your company face a similar problem with BlackBerry scrollballs? Inquiring minds want to know.

Review: Duckshot


Duckshot1Magmic continues to twang away on strings of nostalgia, now with their new game Duckshot. Think back long and hard to the last time you shot a pixellated duck. That’s right, you probably had a bright orange Zapper attached to a little gray box that you unloaded every time that damned dog laughed at you for running out of bullets. What kind of gun has three shots in it, anyway? Well, now that the dawn of mobile is upon us, we can be frustrated by evasive mallards while on the go.

Get duck hunting behind the jump.