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10 Amazing Apps That Should Be On BlackBerry 10



Recently, BlackBerry announced more partners that will be coming to the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem. Given this list, we’ve been thinking about some of the great apps that exist on other platforms that we’d like to see on BlackBerry 10. We’ve omitted the obvious guys like Netflix and Instagram, to focus on some other key apps. What would you like to see?
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Slingplayer Mobile coming to BlackBerry?


SlingRumors creeping in of streaming video support for new BlackBerrys could be validated if comments from Slingbox’s CEO turn out to be true. In a recent interview on Revision3′s show GigaOM, Blake Krikorian suggested that a mobile client for Sling could be coming to BlackBerry. Considering Slingplayer Mobile is already available for Windows Mobile and Palm devices, BlackBerry-compatible software isn’t much of a surprise. User-friendliness aside, would a service like this match the entertainment value available from iPhone video streaming? Of course, comparable products such as Mobile TV Center are already out on the market, and offer extra features such as show recording, but with the slew of new Slingbox services detailed in the interview, it’ll be a tough fight.