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SugarSync Updates With Cloud-Based SD Card Sync and More


Today, SugarSync released an update to their Blackberry app, making it easier than ever for Blackberry users to sync, backup and share all their data from their Blackberry device.
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SugarSync Now Lets Users Stream Music From Cloud Storage


sugarsync for blackberry

SugarSync is a sync, backup and sharing service that has recently enabled the ability to let users stream music from their cloud-based SugarSync storage account to their BlackBerry. SugarSync for BlackBerry features the ability to remotely access, open and easily share your computer files, including documents, photos and more stored in a SugarSync account. With an appropriate document editor, files can be edited as well and synced back.
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SugarSync Now Offering Email File Upload to Cloud


SugarSync are launching a new feature tonight called Upload by Email. This features allows users to forward an email attachment to a unique email address, and it will sync to the SugarSync Cloud. In tandem with this announcement, the company is also launching a new 500 GB plan.

Check out SugarSync which is available on a 30 day free trial.

SugarSync updated and offers 10GB free with referral program


SugarSync is a fairly robust piece of software which gives you remote file access and editing, on-demand synchronization, shared folders and improved camera features.

Starting today, SugarSync accounts will have improved folder sharing capabilities, allowing users to collaborate with anyone in their Gmail, Hotmail, AOL or Yahoo Mail contact lists. Users can also directly upload photos stored in SugarSync to Facebook, providing a streamlined way to share photos with Facebook friends while also securely storing them in their SugarSync accounts.

Under the new referral program, users can get up to 10 GB free for each person they refer to sign up for a SugarSync account. To refer someone, you can share a SugarSync folder with them, or send them an invitation through Facebook or Twitter.

You can download SugarSync OTA at m.sugarsync.com or visit the main site for more info. SugarSync also offers a free 2GB plan.


Sync your BlackBerry with SugarSync BETA free trial



SugarSync is now available for BlackBerry and you can try the free BETA trial now. Currently, they only support BlackBerry software version 4.2 and newer.

To get the application and your free trial, go here.

SugarSync for Blackberry features:

1. Remote file access and editing: Retrieve, edit and upload files stored on other computers and the Internet (including Microsoft Office docs, music, videos, and more). Note: May require a Blackberry document editor.*
2. On-demand synchronization: SugarSync will detect any file changes and present the opportunity to upload revisions back to the cloud (and to multiple synced computers).
3. Shared Folders: Send files and folders (large and small) to anyone via an email sent directly from the Blackberry, and collaborate on projects through a Web-based Shared Folder (which can sync back to the Blackberry).
4. Powerful Photo Features: Easy browsing with a thumbnail wall display of photo albums, enjoy detail with high resolution photo viewing, and directly upload and sync photos taken with the integrated Blackberry camera.

*Note: Mobile file editing is currently limited to certain file types. Supported files may require a separate document editor shipping only on newer versions of the Blackberry devices.

Review: SugarSync


SugarSync for BlackBerryBetween a BlackBerry, work computer, home desktop, and laptop, it’s easy to get your files scattered in a lot of different places. SugarSync knows this and is trying make it quick and easy to make sure you can always access all of your files. They’ve been kicking around for awhile, and I’ve been testing it out since beta. We talked with the developer about the importance of syncing across desktops and handheld, followed up by high promises of review. Well, here we are and ready to take a good close look at SugarSync.

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