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Visto bites back in patent battle


Although Visto has coughed up the dough to RIM for some patent infringement already, the U.S. Patent Office has validated a whooping 21 patent claims prior to the next round of legalities. RIM had countersued Visto after some initial litigations, which are set to resume following RIM’s win earlier this summer. The patents in question surround e-mail synchronization between handsets and local servers - clearly something Visto has a stake in, and obviously a technology vital to the continued operation of BlackBerrys. Looks like Visto’s down but far from out…

Review: SugarSync


SugarSync for BlackBerryBetween a BlackBerry, work computer, home desktop, and laptop, it’s easy to get your files scattered in a lot of different places. SugarSync knows this and is trying make it quick and easy to make sure you can always access all of your files. They’ve been kicking around for awhile, and I’ve been testing it out since beta. We talked with the developer about the importance of syncing across desktops and handheld, followed up by high promises of review. Well, here we are and ready to take a good close look at SugarSync.

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Remember The Milk offers BlackBerry syncing


Remember The Milk has let us know that they’ve just released a BlackBerry version of the syncing software for their to-do-list web app. The web-based service allows users to quickly and easily add tasks, and then be reminded of them over email, text message, or a huge variety of instant messengers. With MilkSync you can sync your BlackBerry tasks list with your list on Remember The Milk, combining the two or having one overwrite the other. Using the software requires a pro account, which costs $25 for a one year subscription, but there’s a 15 day trial period available.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Mark/Space


If you’re a Mac user like myself, you probably know that RIM’s Mac support leaves a little something to be desired. So for a refreshing change of pace, we’re taking a look at the Mac-exclusive company: Mark/Space. They have a series of products for syncing your Mac to a variety of mobile devices, and of course The Missing Sync for BlackBerry. The app works similarly to RIM’s licensed solution, PocketMac, but includes a few really nice features, such as allowing you to sync up selected iPhoto albums to your microSD card. It even resizes them to fit the mobile screen, and it works in reverse, automatically adding new photos taken on your phone to iPhoto. It can also sync up with iTunes, and it works with Apple’s SyncServices for maximum compatibility with all sorts of apps. I’ve no doubt there will be some neat demos from them at WES.

Free SD card syncing app


Josep from miblackberry.com just released a free app called Media Card Sync. The app provides an easy interface for syncing your media card between your BlackBerry and your desktop, backing up only what’s new or changed rather than the whole card. The page itself is in Spanish (Google translation here), but the software itself is in English. Check it out!

RIM launches BlackBerry Professional Software


BB LogoOnce again Spain gets the goods. The BlackBerry Professional Software that was announced back in November is now available in Spain through Orange. The package is geared towards smaller businesses running on Exchange or Lotus Domino servers and dealing with fewer than 30 devices, and allows two-way synchronization of address books and calendars. If you want to try it out, RIM’s got BlackBerry Professional Express available for single users, which can then be expanded as you get more BlackBerrys to manage.

BlackBerry syncing dropped from Entourage 2008


Microsoft’s Entourage, which is basically Outlook for Macs, is in for a bumpy ride with their 2008 iteration. Not only has direct syncing with BlackBerrys been disabled in Entourage 2008, but so has plug-in support which allowed apps like The Missing Sync to do the job. Now come on, Mac users have enough trouble getting BlackBerrys to work with their system, shouldn’t Microsoft be showing some love? Well, maybe not, it IS Apple we’re talking about, but it’s still too bad BlackBerry’s getting caught in the crossfire.

HanDBase gets upgrade to version 4


HanDBaseThe handheld database manager, HanDBase, just got bumped up to version 4, with a few new bells and whistles, including Vista support. The UI has gotten a bit of a facelift, the OS X client now has searching and sorting functions (which seem pretty vital for database work), 5-way navigation for Palm and Windows Mobile, and a few other things. As ever, HanDBase syncs with Microsoft Access through a bundled utility, although it’s wired only. If you’ve got a boatload of information that you want to keep an eye on from your BlackBerry, you can pick HanDBase up for $39.95 over here.

Google Calendar syncs to BlackBerry


Google has just launched Google Sync, an app which keeps your Google Calendar and BlackBerry calendar synced up, available for over the air download from http://m.google.com/sync. Pretty awesome stuff, considering programs like GCalSync and GCal have been trying to get the job done for awhile now. Hopefully Google Sync will provide the groundwork for other sync options, like GMail contacts, maps, notes, and all that other good stuff that BlackBerry and Google overlap on. Thanks Josep!

Google Calendar syncing app seeking beta testers


Not to be confused with GCal Sync, Mobiun is gearing up for a beta of its Google Calendar syncing app, Gcal. The beta proper isn’t set to launch until January, but you can sign up on their mailing list to get notified when the software is ready to roll. The software is set for all mobiles, so if you want to make sure they do it right for BlackBerrys, sign on up!