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Dear Mint.com, Please Submit Your Android App to the PlayBook


The BlackBerry Developer team has been working hard to get Android developers to port their apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Recently, Mint.com released its Android tablet app and we think this is a great time for the company to submit the app to App World. This makes a lot of sense considering many users have had trouble accessing the Mint.com site from a PlayBook, and BlackBerry’s “get it done” crowd loves a good finance app.
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The Toronto Star Launches PlayBook Optimized Site Via Pressly


Pressly is a really cool service that takes a publisher’s existing content and formats it so it’s optimized for tablets. Pressly is predominantly focused on the iPad but the content is formatted with HTML5 and thus looks great on a PlayBook as well. Soon, there will be several major publishers all leveraging Pressly for their tablet content, but for now you can check out The Toronto Star.
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6 New Apps for the PlayBook, iOS and Android [Roundup]


Welcome to this week’s edition of our multi-platform app and game roundup. We like to stay up to date with what’s happening on the three major smartphone/tablet platforms and this week we have some pretty awesome looking games. Check out what’s happening on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry this week. More after the jump.
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Pressly to Bring Tablet Optimized Websites for iPad, Android and PlayBook


One of the challenges for publishers these days is that there is an exponentially growing number of devices where your content is being consumed. As more people are consuming content on smartphones, tablets and desktops, publishers need to keep up by offering optimized versions of their content for these platforms. Pressly is a startup that has an innovative and simple way for publishers to get tablet optimized versions of their websites up and running in a short time. Click through for more details.
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App Roundup - Tablet Edition: What’s New on BlackBerry, iOS and Android


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ShareFile Announces BlackBerry File Sharing App for Business


ShareFile provides secure file transfer and full-featured virtual data room solutions that enable companies to exchange large and/or confidential business files. The company is debuting its BlackBerry app, alongside apps for the iPad and Android tablets. Central to the ShareFile experience is security, and all data transmitted between ShareFile’s tablet and smartphone applications and user’s mobile device is encrypted.

To download the free ShareFile app, use the OTA link at dl.sharefile.com/bb.

Read more about mobile ShareFile solutions on their site.

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