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5 free BlackBerry Storm apps



This app will deactivate your screen when talking on the phone. Good app for preventing any accidental hangups or button pressing. Download here.


Viigo is an RSS reader so you can read all your favorite sites on the go. It also lets you send Twitter updates right from RSS feeds that you want to let your Twitter friends know about. Download here.

Google Maps

This doesn’t need any explanation. Great maps to take you anywhere. Get it here


Slacker internet radio client for the Storm gives you over 100 stations for free. Download it here


Poynt is essentially a local search service with three main components: search for business, movie search, and a ‘map this search’ function. Download it here.


Know of more free BlackBerry Storm apps? Comment a download link and share with the community.

TalkLock Beta — must have BlackBerry Storm application


If there is one thing that bothers me to no end about my BlackBerry Storm, it is the extreme difficulty in using it as a phone. It’s not because of call quality, which is great, or problems with dialing phone numbers via the SureTouch screen. It’s because the freaking screen doesn’t lock during a call, causing you to often accidentally hang up or mute your call. Extremely frustrating!

Thankfully, there is an application in beta right now that corrects RIM’s poor design choice. Called TalkLock, the application prevents users from accidentally pressing the screen and launching programs or functions while talking on the Storm. Disabling the lock and returning to normal phone behavior is done by swiping your finger across the screen from left to right at any time. Yes, it’s just that simple.

The application can be found free at www.cellavant.com/TalkLock/. You can see the full TalkLock feature list after the jump.

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