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Dear BlackBerry Cool: My thoughts on the BlackBerry Onyx


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First of all, I just wanted to say sorry for the bad picture. I was allowed to play around with the device as much as I wanted but my “friend” wouldn’t let me take any pictures. Eventually he turned his back and this is the best I could do with my 8900’s camera.

This is the BlackBerry Onyx but it doesn’t have the trackpad. This is a prerelease device and I’ve heard that the Onyx will ship with a trackpad, as per RIM’s latest initiative on nixing the trackball entirely. There are also rumors that the trackpad may just be carrier specific.

I have to say, I LOVE this device. To put it simply, it’s the BlackBerry Curve 8900 (Javelin) with 3G and a Bold keyboard.

This is the next device I’m going to buy. The Bold is, IMHO, the best BlackBerry that RIM has ever made. It is the flagship device and this model packs everything that the Bold has, but in a smaller form factor that fits nicely into your pocket.

The battery is the same as the Bold, again this seems to be the Bold with a Curve 8900 form factor. The display is really nice and I believe it’s 480×360.

Overall, this is going to be an amazing device for RIM. The hardware combines the best of both the Bold and 8900 worlds. There isn’t much else to say about the device, except that the battery cover has changed AGAIN! It seems RIM keeps changing the cover each time they launch a device. While I’m not sure if the battery cover I was looking at will ship with the device, it’s not nearly as good as the Bold. I’m begging you RIM, bring back my Bold cover! The custom jobs you can do with it are simply the best.



ThoughtPiece: The Software Determines Success


Although it probably won’t spark as much debate as his previous article, our main man Thought comes back swinging this week with a topic that is too often forgotten in the mobile hardware race: software. So sit back and enjoy his ruminations on how a killer application can mean more than processor speed or megapixels.

Read what Thought thinks.


ThoughtPiece: Do we really need Wi-Fi on a BlackBerry?


Oh boy. Thought’s really looking to stir it up in his latest editorial. While many AT&T users are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the BlackBerry 8820 (Orange users, you can offer a smug smile right about now), our man Thought dares to ask the question: do we even need a Wi-Fi BlackBerry? This one is sure to create a lot of debate, so make sure to post a comment and let us know what you think.

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ThoughtPiece: The Hedgehog Concept


Author Jim Collins, in his bestselling book, Good to Great, writes about something called the “Hedgehog Concept.” The term is derived from the Greek poet Archilochus, who wrote:

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”

According to the old fable, the cunning and agile fox cannot win out over the slower, more awkward hedgehog. Each day the fox calculates a new line of attack on the hedgehog, only to have the hedgehog roll up into a perfect little ball with spikes sticking out. The fox then halts his assault, to try again the very next day with another impeccably thought-out strategy. The hedgehog’s familiar response is “Here we go again. Will he ever learn?”
Is there a resemblance to RIM here? Find out behind the jump.


ThoughtPiece: The State of the Smartphone Market


With so many significant developments this year, I thought it might be a good time to take the pulse of the smartphone market and its main competitors.

Upside: With record sales and their stock hitting all time highs, life is good for the folks at RIM right now. They are the entrenched leader in the enterprise market and will be for many years to come. Competitors cannot make up overnight for the years of engineering and refinement that have gone into the BlackBerry solution. They also are poised for growth in emerging global markets.
One obstacle they face: the fact that Apple will undoubtedly put a dent into their sales in the consumer market.


ThoughtPiece: BlackBerry and nationalism


To my friends in Canada, July 1 was their national holiday, marking the establishment of Canada as its own autonomous country. Likewise, July 4 is the celebration of America’s independence. In that spirit, I’d like to reflect on the BlackBerry device and its place as a symbol for both countries.

It’s obvious why the BlackBerry is a proud symbol of Canada: it is created by a Canadian company, and a company that is doing quite well at that. RIM’s rise to success is a remarkable story, and one reflecting great ingenuity and business acumen. The whole world owes a debt of gratitude to this fine Canadian company and its products.

America has a particular attachment to BlackBerrys as well…


ThoughtPiece: Touchscreen vs. Keyboard: Which is Better?


With the “iMminent” release of that little device from Apple, the debate has already begun as to which is preferable: a touchscreen with a virtual keyboard or a true keyboard. To me the question misses the main point, which is to ask yourself why you have a mobile smart phone in the first place. It isn’t that one is “better” than another; it is that each interface has its advantages depending on your intended purpose.

For those who need to type a lot of text, the true keyboard is most likely the superior choice. (I say “most likely” in that I have not yet tested the virtual keypad on the iPhone, and so cannot definitively give an opinion as to which I find easier to use.) So if you are like most BlackBerry users the mechanical keyboard will make the most sense.
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ThoughtPiece: Should RIM make a BlackBerry Client for the iPhone?


The iPhone is surely the most anticipated cell phone ever, and will most likely go on to sell quite a few copies. It then makes sense to ask if RIM should consider making a BlackBerry email client for the iPhone (assuming Apple would allow that).

First, the advantage: RIM could gain incremental revenue from the sale of the software and the service to many of those iPhone users. One question is how many iPhone users will see push email as a priority. As analyst Robert Semple from Credit Suisse writes, “We do not believe the iPhone is aimed at smart phones, rather, it is designed to expand the high end of the traditional mobile phone market.”
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ThoughtPiece: An Open Letter to AT&T


CingularRight now you must be feeling pretty good. You have a legendary brand name, the best marketing, the best devices, and soon you will have a magnet to attract people into your stores called the iPhone. Speaking of marketing, you seem to be everywhere. Last weekend while engaging in my usual ritual of watching sports on TV, I turned on a NASCAR race and I saw an AT&T car; I turned on the NBA finals, and it was being played at the AT&T Center.

You were smart to transition to a GSM network years ago. This is by far and away the most popular format in the world, which guarantees you the best selection of phones. You certainly get most of our beloved BlackBerry models first.

However, there’s one piece of the puzzle missing, which keeps you from totally dominating the U.S. wireless market.

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ThoughtPiece: The BlackBerry as Change Agent


Not too long ago I came across a fascinating article detailing at how Starbucks is not just an impressive business success story, but has changed popular culture along the way. The article lists several ways in which Starbucks has functioned as a “change agent,” including changing what we pay for coffee, our tastes, what we eat, how we order, how we meet, etc.

This started me thinking as to if and how our beloved BlackBerry has functioned as a change agent. I believe it has, in at least the following ways.

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