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BlackBerry Unite! shots emerge


So long as we’re seeing some new software in action, it’s high time we see something new from Unite!, the suite to keep small groups of BlackBerrys managed. The features include file and media access, security options such as device lockdown and usage monitoring, alongside calendar and contact sharing for up to five BlackBerrys. With the BlackBerry Professional Software having launched just recently, Unite! would be a great follow-up. One handy tidbit gleaned from the screenshots is that wireless file transfer is limited to 1 MB unless you’re packing Wi-Fi. Aside from that, the handheld software looks like it gives you great navigation of your computer’s hard drive. For more info, check out RIM’s site. Thanks Josep!

Weekly Contest: Business and Pleasure


With rumors of Unite coming to town and BlackBerry Professional Software soon to establish itself as the solution of choice for small and medium businesses, RIM’s enterprise game is matching the strides its consumer facet has been making with all those shiny new toys. We all know RIM is, at its core, geared towards corporate customers, but the more we see devices like the Curve gain momentum, the line between what an enterprise user is and a consumer user gets blurred. Look at Unite, for instance. It’s easy to take it at face value as a solution for small businesses with 5 employees or less, but really, it’s geared to 5 people or less. That can be friends, family, whatever. As a product, it’s not pidgeonholed to business or personal use. And how about that customer satisfaction survey that noticed the top-selling 3rd.-party app on enterprise smartphones was games? So here’s your question this week: does RIM need to differentiate between corporate and consumer users? If so, how much? If not, how come? Does usefulness need to necessarily be gendered one way or the other, or can the whole issue be circumvented if software and services are developed broadly enough? It’s a tricky question (or not, depending on where you stand), but whoever makes the best case for tearing down the enterprise/consumer wall or building it up will get 3 games from bPlay.

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BlackBerry Unite! hitting American shores soon?


We just got word that BlackBerry Unite!, the small group solution that’s already being bundled free with BlackBerrys in Spain, is due in North America early in December. Talk about a merry Christmas, huh? BlackBerry Unite! will let up to 5 BlackBerrys share documents, photos, media, calendars, as well as enjoy added device security options. We trust it’ll be just as free as Telefonica’s offering, but you can never put it past a carrier to charge for the perks. File this one under rumors for now, but here’s hoping…

More BlackBerry Unite! info


Back when Telefonica busted out the BlackBerry 8120, they also announced their free small group syncing solution, BlackBerry Unite! Well, Josep spotted a demo from RIM which goes over the key features, as well as links to an information page. They break it down as benefits for family (such as accessing shared photos, calendars, contacts), and business (remote file viewing, device lock-down, security). Unite is looking sweeter than ever, and hopefully the presence of a site in English signals its arrival here in North America soon. It might only be for up to five devices and 10 e-mail accounts, but that’s pretty good value for a free download.

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BlackBerry Unite! to bring small groups together


RIM just announced some pretty interesting new PC software called BlackBerry Unite! which will be available for free starting November. BlackBerry Unite! will allow small groups of up to 5 BlackBerry users to share contact lists, calendars, remotely access media on your PC, media sharing, and remote security options (such as password setting, memory wiping, back-up, and enforcing IT policies). Sounds great, right? The downside is this is only coming out on Telefonica in Spain for now. We can only hope that we’ll be seeing this kind of bundled functionality on this side of the pond soon - for smaller operations which don’t need (or can’t afford) a full-blown 3rd. party software package, integrated functions like this would make BlackBerry the clear device of choice. Not that it isn’t already.