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AT&T Announces Two Tiered Data Plans for Smartphone Users


AT&T has announced two new pricing plans for smartphone customers based on wireless data usage. The new plans include $15/month for 200MB and $25/month for 2GB. Previously, AT&T BlackBerry users would pay $30 for unlimited* data and this new plan segments users based on how much data they use and offers a sensible rate.

According to Consumer Reports, BlackBerry users consume about 54MB of data per month on average. This average is probably skewed by the users who don’t use any data at all and the small group of users who consume incredible amounts of data. Overall, it’s probably best that AT&T sets these new prices at 200MB and 2GB, but the power user may tend to go over the limit.

How much data do you use in a month?

U.S to take top spot from UK in mobile web browsing


First place cupA recent survey by mobile billing service Bango is forecasting increased mobile browsing in the U.S which could bump the UK out of its number one spot. Last month the UK took in 19.35% of global traffic, the US had 18.88%, India 10.82%, South Africa 8.82% and Indonesia 4.08%. AdMob’s recent report corroborates the trend, claiming US ad requests grew 5.8% month over month, while UK traffic saw a -0.5% drop from June. The reason for the uptake?

“The US share of the browsing market has grown as an increasing number of phones come with bigger screens and service contracts that include unlimited internet access,” said Adam Kerr, VP of Bango North America at Bango.

(via cellular-news)

Verizon offers unlimited data without voice


PhoneScoop posted about some new data-only plans from Verizon. The BlackBerry and PDA plans are $54.99/month and offer unlimited text, IM, picture and video messaging, email, web browsing, and data usage, with a $0.25/minute charge for calls. The “Consumer Devices” plan is exactly the same, except it doesn’t offer email and charges $0.40/minute for voice features. Of course, Version’s definition of “unlimited” is a little odd, so keep an eye on the fine print. That said, unlimited everything plans are starting to pop up elsewhere, so hopefully we’ll see this sort of thing with other big names.

Sprint building up WiMax, PTT


SprintSo long as we’re talking about WiMax, Sprint is going to be ramping up their WiMax network in the near future, Chief Financial Officer Paul Saleh claiming ten times cost performance, which means they can build and maintain the network for hella cheap. Bottom line? Lower data rates for us end-users, or at least those of us rolling with Sprint. Also coming through the tubes is push to talk on Sprint. The carrier wasn’t doing so hot earlier, but between PTT, unlimited data and WiMax, Sprint’s definitely still in the game.