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YOUi Labs Creates iOS App and Ports to BlackBerry 10 Same Day and Same Code


YOUi Labs is a company that specializes in user interface design and the company has recently put together a demo of an app that they built for iOS and ported over to BlackBerry 10 in a single day, with the same code base. The UI Engine is a cool little demo that shows off some unique swipe motions and it would be cool to see in other apps.
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Cascades for BB10: Beta 3 released


Good news from the twittersphere: Cascades Beta 3 is out!

Cascades is the beautiful UI framework that’s being developed over at RIM based off of the highly celebrated acquisition of The Astonishing Tribe from Sweden. This will enable developers to make highly responsive and polished applications that are sure to make BB10 a hit.

Developers will be treated in this beta to the BB10 Social Platform that we all know and love. We can also expect to see developers take full advantage of the new UI additions or even start integrating calendar, contact, and email support. These additions are just the tip of the iceberg and a promising first few steps in the right direction. Keep your eyes peeled for the Beta 4 and 5 releases in November as well as the beta 6 in December of this year.

Don Lindsay, RIM VP of UX, Gives A Brief History of BlackBerry 10′s “Peek” Feature


During the keynotes at BlackBerry Jam Americas, Don Lindsay took the stage to talk about BlackBerry 10′s User Experience and Interface design. Lindsay has an interesting background as he was Design Director at Microsoft Live Labs and Design Director of Mac OS User Experience Group at Apple. If RIM is going to have a competitive smartphone user experience, he’s definitely the man to help get the job done. Lindsay explained the origins of Peek and it’s a really cool story.
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Interview with Teknision and the Story of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook UX


Watch an interview with Teknision’s Presidet, Gabor Vida.

When we first wrote about Teknision, and their involvement in the PlayBook UX, the article got a ton of exposure because it was thought that RIM’s acquisition of The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) meant that they were solely responsible for the UX. Since then, I have sat down with Teknision’s President Gabor Vida, to talk about Teknision as a company, its involvement in the PlayBook, and a little about their thoughts on design. We also discuss why we haven’t heard more about this company.

One thing that became really obvious to me about UX design for a product like the PlayBook, is that the average consumer has very little idea how many companies, people and design iterations it will come across before it gets to market. Before Teknision or TAT got a hold of the PlayBook, there was another company called Artefact that briefly touched the tablet as well.
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Windows Mobile 6.5 vs BlackBerry


At MWC, Microsoft talked Windows Mobile and how it’s targeting consumers with it’s new user interface and quick keys. Upcoming WinMo devices will have a “Windows” button, which is similar to the “Start” button on older devices or the “Home” button on the Diamond series.

The Windows button and the back button, along with the call send and end buttons are very similar to the keys on a BlackBerry. Even the behavior of the Windows button is BlackBerry-like. Hitting the new Windows button on 6.5 doesn’t evoke the Start menu, but rather the key press will evoke a programs menu or applications launcher. This behavior is very similar to hitting the BlackBerry button, which takes you to the programs launcher.

I suspect a lot of Microsoft employees secretly use BlackBerrys because they’re more user friendly. Nice try WinMo, we’re on to you!


28% of Europeans will keep their keypads, thanks


Pointing fingerCanalys has just finished a very revealing report that concluded that many Europeans are willing to give touch-screens a shot, due to ease of use. The impending launch of the iPhone pushed this study out, and has a thing or two to say about user interface.

“Although the user interface is only part of the solution to expanding the market, it is a critical part. You need compelling services and content, and transparent and fair pricing,” said Canalys senior analyst Pete Cunningham. “But if the interface gets in the way people will soon lose interest or choose other platforms to satisfy their needs.” … “If a customer picks up a phone in a retail store and can’t see how to do the basics within 20 seconds, they will walk away.”

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