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BlackBerry feature requests: what do you want to see?


While RIM releases device after device that combines form factors, we’re still waiting for them to include new features in the hardware and software. Adding these components will add to the price, but they also unlock a plethora of possibilities for developers. Lets look at some basic hardware and software features that will make the BlackBerry experience better.

Video Out: There are several smartphones on the market that support video out and it has great potential for the device. Not only can you attach peripherals to the video out such as a projector and television, but you can also have the video output interact with an application. An app that combines your device’s camera with a projector, could have Project Natal potential on a smaller scale.

Compass: The iPhone 3GS compass is a seemingly minor upgrade to the device, but again, it’s great for developers. Augmented Reality is the future of how we interact with the real world using our device and the compass makes these apps much easier to make.

Dual Touchscreen/QWERTY: A Bold-like device with a touchscreen has been rumored to be in development but we haven’t seen any proof. A dual touchscreen/QWERTY device has huge implications for the end user in terms of experience, but it also has big implications for developers. Being able to develop an application with a smooth touchscreen interface and QWERTY input is the best of both worlds.

I leave it to you BlackBerry Nation. What features would you like to see RIM implement?

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