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5 Hands-On Videos of the New BlackBerry Curve 9360


Today, RIM announced the BlackBerrry Curve 9360, 9560 and 9370 devices. These devices form the latest BlackBerry 7 Curve, which for easy blogging purposes we can call the Curve 5. Videos have started popping up from a UK event and carriers are all giving a tour of the device that they’ll be selling on their network. Read on to see in-depth videos of the latest Curve to see what’s literally in store for you.
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Rumor: BlackBerry Torch Slider 9800 Coming to Vodafone



The BlackBerry Torch Slider is potentially coming to Vodafone in the September/October timeframe. We have heard that 9800 will be coming to Rogers, Sprint and AT&T as well. Release dates aren’t confirmed yet but the Torch Slider is probably going to touch down on AT&T first, with a rumored launch date of August 15th.

The Torch Slider is going to be the first device to have BlackBerry 6 and the new Webkit browser. The latest OS is going to address a lot of the user frustrations with navigation and the Webkit browser will make BlackBerry’s web browser on par with the rest of the market.

UK Garbage Company Biffa to Outfit 1,500 Employees with BlackBerrys


Biffa is one of the largest garbage collection companies in the UK, and they’ve recently committed to giving 1,500 employees a BlackBerry. The Telegraph reported them as “BlackBerry-type” devices which is a strange way of putting it considering these are true BlackBerrys manufactured by RIM. The devices are also called “rugged BlackBerrys” which hints at the fact that they come with some additional protection.

The new BlackBerry-imbued Biffa employees will be able to take photos of overfilled garbage cans, or catch households who have put general waste in their recycling. This is surely going to concern up the number of infractions detected and may result in more by-law tickets issued. The Biffa BlackBerrys will also be used to track the location of garbage trucks to ensure binmen don’t take a detour to the local pub.

The Biffa deal with Vodafone costs £1.75m for 3,100 devices including “regular” BlackBerrys, dongles and 3G data cards. We’re not sure what model of device, but I’m sure the Biffa team would enjoy the Bold 9700. The deal sounds so sweet I might just quit my day job and become a Biffa binman.

BIS 3.0 2-Way Gmail Sync in EMEA? Let Us Know!


We received an email yesterday about EMEA users possibly having 2-way Gmail sync upgrades, and reading around the blogs it seems miBlackBerry are reporting this as well. The comments and forum posts have been a little confused about the situation, as some users think they have it, while others don’t. I thought I would put it out to any EMEA readers and see if they noticed the 2-way Gmail sync. The original tip came from Vodafone Spain.

Let us know if you’re upgraded and now get 2-way Gmail sync.

What developers need to know about the BlackBerry Storm 2


Verizon Storm 2 - 9550

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is going to be a great platform to develop for. The device ships with OS 5.0 meaning new APIs and features are available to the developer, including the ability to:

  • Link 3rd party applications to the Address Book.
  • Use push data more efficiently.
  • More easily make UI customizations.
  • Implement multi-touch for zooming in and out of images.

The BlackBerry Storm 2 will also support widget development. This is crucial for developers as it makes development easier through web standards.
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Storm2 content and the addition of themes to App World


It isn’t often we make predictions at BlackBerry Cool but when we do, they generally come true.

With the BlackBerry Storm2 on the way, we’ve been getting a lot of tips about content available for the device. It’s highly possible that the launch of themes in App World will coincide with the Storm2 launch, and users will be able to download a wide variety of themes, games and apps for the new device.

The reason for opening themes to App World is probably due to the fact that RIM is banking on the Storm2 being the ultimate consumer device and themes are the hottest item in the BlackBerry consumer market right now. You can’t launch the Storm2 without great consumer content so it just makes sense. In order to get that content out to Storm2 users, RIM would currently have to rely on third party vendors such as Mobihand, Bplay and Handango. Opening themes to App World therefore eats their lunch and helps App World sales.

Something that will inevitably disappoint about Storm2 content will be the lack of multi-touch games available on the device. Also, we have heard rumors that the Storm2 features support for OpenGL, but it’s not clear whether developers are taking advantage of the APIs. So while the Storm2 will, assuming we’re correct, feature themes and games, that content will simply be ported, with no specific attention given to the new hardware features of the device.

So if you’re a developer, get your hands on a Storm2 and start making some great Storm2 specific content. Storm users buy a disproportionate amount of software and they’re a great market for your applications.