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Siri Shows Where BlackBerry’s Voice-Powered Search Went Wrong


With the unveiling of the iPhone 4S, consumers were given a look at Siri - the personal assistant app that comes with the device. It looks like the technology is powered by Nuance, which RIM also licenses for its voice-powered universal search. It seems both run on Nuance technology and the difference is the implementation. It’s not a stretch for RIM to update the voice-powered universal search in a way that’s even better than Siri.
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MyCaption for BlackBerry offers accurate single-click SMS dictation


MyCaption makes really excellent voice recognition software for BlackBerry and their product has recently been updated.

In the latest version of MyCaption, 1.4.8, you can now dictate SMS messages. All you have to do is simply “Speak Your SMS”, and it will be delivered as text, accurately and conveniently. Users can attach a convenience key to this feature, so text messages can be dictated with a single click.

This feature adds more functionality to a product that provides dictation of business-length email (up to 3 minutes long), memos, contact notes, tasks and appointments. The application also includes support for the BES, connectivity to enterprise applications, support for multiple email accounts, and a customizable dictionary to fit the user’s vocabulary.

Users who have already downloaded MyCaption can upgrade for free or pick it up on a free trial. The application costs $10.

Vlingo 2.0 Beta now open to everyone!


A week ago we told you that Vlingo was running a closed beta for its Vlingo 2.0 voice-powered application. I’ve been told by our friends at Vlingo that the 2.0 beta is now open to all residents of the UK, US and Canada!

Because Vlingo is an application that learns and improves based upon user feedback, it’s really important that the BlackBerry Nation helps Vlingo out to make their application as useful as possible. This is especially true for UK BlackBerry users!

In addition to participating in the Vlingo 2.0 beta, you can also fill out a quick 10-15 minute survey. Doesn’t sound like your thing? What if I told you that everyone who completes the survey will be entered in a drawing to win an 8GB iPod touch or one of 3 $50 Amazon.com gift certificates! I thought that might peak your interest!

You can find everything you need to know about the Vlingo 2.0 open beta and survey after the jump. BlackBerry Nation, Assemble!

Vlingo 2.0 Open Beta and Survey

Closed Vlingo Beta running for the BlackBerry Nation!


By now, you should know how we feel about Vlingo: we love it. But now, the makers of this great voice-powered application need your help to make Vlingo even better! Read this below:

Vlingo is currently looking for active BlackBerry users in the US, Canada and the UK to test the latest features and functionality of our voice-powered application. Be one of the first users to try it out and have direct input into how the product evolves. Sign up now!

To participate, you need to meet the following criteria:

* Have a Pearl, Curve or 88xx
* Are interested in using voice to interact with your BlackBerry
* Be willing to fill out a survey post beta
* Live in the US, Canada or the UK

As part of this program, you’ll be testing and providing feedback on vlingo features designed for social media, Web search, messaging and much more. The program begins on Wednesday, October 8 and runs for one week. All beta testers will be asked to include your e-mail address so that vlingo can contact you to fill out a brief survey at the end of the test period. We will never sell or provide your contact information to any other company. We ask you to keep your beta test experience private until the formal product launch later this month.

To sign up for the closed beta, hit the link below via your BlackBerry Browser:

Vlingo Closed Beta Download

Vlingo 1.1 for BlackBerry Reviewed


As keen observers of cool new ways to interact with you BlackBerry, we’ve had our eyes on Vlingo since
WES back in May, when most people knew of them as the white label solution for Yahoo! oneSearch. We also helped to promote their open survey to provide feedback and improve their voice-enabled BlackBerry application.

But with the official release of version 1.1, Vlingo has stepped out of beta and into the spotlight. It’s time to answer the question of what a voice-enabled BlackBerry can do and whether or not you need it.

Vlingo for BlackBerry Reviewed

Yahoo! OneSearch released to Canada and Phillipines


Yahoo! OneSearch was a great bit of BlackBerry software that came out not too long ago, packing voice-activated Yahoo! search powered by Vlingo, but was only available in the US. Well, now Canadians and Fillipinos can get in on the fun, so long as they’re packing the BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve or an 8800-series device. We talked with both Vlingo and Yahoo! about what they’re doing with OneSearch in a podcast last April if you’re looking for a bit more on the nitty-gritty of voice recognition and search. Head on over to m.yahoo.com/voice on your mobile to get started.

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