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Aetherpal 2.3 mobile device management for BlackBerry enterprise users


AetherPal RIM_Remote

w2bi have announced the availability of AetherPal 2.3, which allows administrative support for all Blackberry devices.

AetherPal 2.3 features:

  • Administrators can manage all mobile devices controlled by a BES Server
  • AetherPal device enrollment info is taken directly from the BES Server
  • Simple Banner Notification support for BlackBerry devices which allows administrators to schedule banners or initiate them immediately
  • Crystal Report Integration which enables admins to generate reports and export them into Crystal Reports
  • AetherPal 2.3 allows both admins and end users to initiate Remote Control sessions. Users initiate the session by clicking the AetherPal Remote control icon and the device sets up a data connection with the admin.

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