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The Weather Network theme for BlackBerry


the weather network theme

The Weather Network official theme has been launched on Bplay. The theme works in tandem with The Weather Network’s WeatherEye mobile application to install a permanent icon on the theme background itself that displays the current weather conditions. No one has done anything like this before.

You can purchase the theme here.

It costs $5.99.

Viigo launches open beta


The WES build of Project Tango has obviously undergone some work, and now we can try out the next beta of Viigo. Still no love for audio just yet, but we’re sure to see it in the coming weeks as bugs get fixed and features added. What is new, however, is a CFL channel, listing live scores and ticket purchasing via click-to-call for the sports fans out there. A lot of it was built off of the same power in the existing Sports channel, only a bit more focused. The Entertainment channel is packing Bplay goodies right now that link out to the mobile site to help you get your game on. The skeleton of a Stocks channel is there, giving us a glance at what to expect. A future version with graphs, trends and news all built in would be pretty sweet for any financiers out there. Weather and RSS are unchanged, but Sports got a few additions, like the Euro 2008 games that are entrancing footballers worldwide these days.

More screenshots behind the jump!

The Weather Network releases WeatherEye and TrafficEye


The Weather Network and French-speakering counterpart MétéoMédia have released WeatherEye Mobile and TrafficEye mobile, which do pretty much what you’d expect. WeatherEye offer current conditions as well as short-term and long-term forecast for cities in Canada and other locations. TrafficEye is currently only available for the Toronto area, but the two companies plan to expand the traffic maps, traffic camera images, and other features to more cities in Canada. Both apps are ad-supported and free, and available in English and French versions, so check ‘em out.

Let your Pearl tell you the weather


Those apps that changed your Pearl’s trackball colour always seemed a bit useless to me, but fresh from the guys who made that the BlackBerry-finding software, is PearlCast. Basically, you can assign different trackball colours to different temperature ranges, so when PearlCast receives the latest weather forecast for a particular zip code, it will change the trackball colour. Pretty nifty, but it would be nice if you could change the temperature values, since the weather won’t change within 20 degrees too often. You can also set changes based on current conditions and one-day forecast. Thanks Stefano!

Review: Pocket Express


Pocket Express 5It’s just about that time to have another go at Handmark’s Pocket Express. We’ve been covering these guys on the ‘Cool for nearly three years now, and we can certainly start taking a look at the long-term evolution of their software. In a nutshell, Pocket Express is a suite of mini-applications that are all accessible from a single page, called PageOne. They offer a few of their channels for free (Travel, News, Sports and Weather), and the rest (like Stocks, Entertainment, 411 Search, Maps, Extras and a cool feature called MobileCierge, which puts you on the phone with a live person who can help you find information on just about anything you need) will cost you $9.99/month. Sounds good, right? Let’s take a look.

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