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Top 5 Mobile Lessons from Charlie Sheen’s Fans


Whether you are sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen or you cannot turn away from the biggest pop-media train wreck this side of Britney Spears, the fact is that he has invaded the digital world in force. The (former) highest paid sitcom actor has leapt headlong into Twitter, Facebook, his online website, live streaming video (Ustream.tv) and beyond. And with a record-breaking ascension to 3 Million Twitter followers, it would seem that the masses are all for it.
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Rent.com Launches BlackBerry App for Apartment Hunting on the Go



Rent.com has launched a BlackBerry app that allows users to hunt for the perfect apartment while on the go. The free app lets you search for apartments, call or e-mail property owners and manage your favorite listings. The app automatically syncs with each user’s Rent.com account and apartment-hunters can attach their own photos and notes to listings to help them remember the details of a property after they visit. Plus, once you find an apartment, you can report your lease through the app in order to claim your $100 Visa debit rewards card. Check out the app in App World.

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Create simple websites using your BlackBerry email


A new service, elog.com, can use an email from your BlackBerry to create a website straight from your device. With elog.com, you don’t need to register an account and you can create as many web pages as you want. All you have to do is send an email to elog.com and your webpage is created automatically.

elog.com is a simple and non-invasive service. Your website looks exactly like the email you send and it can serve a variety of purposes. To create your own web page, just send an email to newpage@elog.com. Your email can have pretty much anything you want in it and your new web page will look just like the email you send. You will be issued a public web page, e.g. 1993.elog.com, that others can view immediately. To update your web page with new content, just send an email to it, e.g. 1993@elog.com.

Currently, the system does not allow for attachments, but the company has told me that if the BlackBerry community were interested in such a feature, it would be easy to implement. Is this a feature you would like to see?

This is an example of the type of website you can currently create. It took about 10-15 minutes.

Official BlackBerry site gets a do-over


Robb noticed that the official BlackBerry site has received a significant graphical overhaul. Paired up with yesterday’s Owners Lounge launch, and the new Built for BlackBerry site, RIM’s seriously cranking up their web presence, which in and of itself is good for their publicity, and for end-users looking for easily-accessible information. It does leave the lingering feeling that they’re ramping up to something bigger, though, even if it’s just a shiny new ad campaign.