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BBM Channels Beta Review: BlackBerry’s Monetization Strategy for BBM



BlackBerry is ramping up BlackBerry Channels and it looks like it’s going to be the monetization tool for BBM. While WhatsApp charges $0.99 per year, it seems BlackBerry is going to find an alternative monetization strategy by leveraging brands and possibly advertising in the BBM Channels network. Perhaps this has nothing to do with monetization, but that’s our best guess and we’re sticking to it. So what is it going to take for BBM Channels to be a successful cross-platform content network? Read on.
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Miss Kik? Here Are a Few More Cross-Platform Chat Apps for BlackBerry



Now that Kik has been suspended from App World, you might be looking for an alternative cross-platform chat app. Maybe you were never looking for a cross-platform chat app but read the news about Kik and now you’re interested. Either way, there are a few apps out there worth considering.
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Why Did RIM Pull Viral Messenger App Kik from App World?



Kik is an instant messaging service much like BlackBerry Messenger, except it’s cross-platform. Downloads for the app have been pretty explosive, with the company reporting having exceeded 2M users due to viral growth. Recently, Kik downloads were suspended and there’s a lot of speculation going around as to why this may have happened.

On Friday, RIM told Kik that no new downloads could be made of the app, citing concerns that it “could not elaborate on at the time.” The app continues to sell on Apple and Android, so why has RIM shut this one down?
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Share your status with WhatsApp - A free BlackBerry app UPDATE



Often times you have a contact in your Address Book and you aren’t sure whether it’s a good time to call them. With WhatsApp, the question “What’s up” gets answered before you decide, so you know if it’s a good time.

Ideally, this system would be built into the BlackBerry Address Book, but for now we have a free app that works with others who have also downloaded the app. The app only gets better as more people use it, so consider using the “Tell a Friend” feature. It’s free so why not?

Download WhatsApp for free OTA by visiting http://www.whatsapp.com/bb/ from your BlackBerry Browser.

UPDATE: App World is having some issues today, but users can download from GetJar and there shouldn’t be any problem.