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Wine Enthusiast Guide for BlackBerry With Over 80,000 Wines

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Wine Enthusiast Guide for BlackBerry is a new app to the BBCool Store that gives you details, reviews, ratings and retail prices for over 80,000 wines worldwide. The app brings around 1,000 additional reviews each month, as well as the ability to keep track of wine you own or want to purchase. This is all done through the “My Lists” section, where wines can be added as well as automatically backed up and restored.

Features breakdown:

  • Reviews and ratings for over 80,000 wines.
  • All wine listings include retail price.
  • Search any combination of wine style, variety, as well as price and rating.
  • Vintage Chart with 125 regions/wine styles.
  • The “My Lists” section lets you manage your favorites, cellar, recommendations.
  • Your lists can be automatically backed up and restored to a new smartphone.
  • Approx. 1,000 new wine reviews added each month.

More information available in the BlackBerryCool Store. Sadly, there is no free trial but if you’re a real wine enthusiast, this app is worth a try.

REGARD launch wine enthusiasts app R-Vintage 2.0 for BlackBerry

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R-Vintage Lookup for BlackBerry is a first in a series of wine enthusiast utilities from REGARD Solutions. With the free trial version of this app, you can see vintage ratings by country, region and varietal, thereby increasing your changes of selecting a fine wine from a wine list.

If you’re one to frequent nice restaurants, and you’re always looking to pair the meal with a potential winner, this app is for you.

In the latest updates to the product, R-Vintage Lookup 2.0 includes:

  • Many look and feel enhancements with new graphics and easier to read.
  • Release of a Storm specific version with slide navigation between years.
  • Non-storm version when drilled in specific region vintage, quick keys “n” & “p” to navigate to next and previous vintage.
  • Make a comment on a specific vintage.
  • Read comments of other users on a specific vintage.
  • Thumbs up & Thumbs down to denote if you think the region experts rate is right or wrong.
  • See thumbs up and thumbs down totals by other users.

As you can see, this application only gets better as the number of users increase. If you think you are a Regional Expert, contact REGARD and you can apply to be one of their experts.

As an early registrant to R-Vintage, REGARD would like to offer R-Vintage Deluxe v2.0 when released later this month, for $2.00 (regularly $2.99).

Until then, enjoy the trial from this link or in App World. Or visit http://www.regard.com/rv from your BlackBerry device.

Wine pairing application for BlackBerry offers 380,000+ pairings

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If you’re a big wine connoisseur, I have to recommend taking a tour of the vineyards of Israel. While the country isn’t particularly famous for its wine production, the climate is perfect for growing a wide variety of grapes. The North is somewhat cold and humid, while the South is hot and dry. In between lies a gradient of altitudes and temperatures that make for an excellent tour.

Natalie MacLean writes a newsletter for wine lovers and she’s recently launched her sommelier application for BlackBerry. The app works both online and offline, and offers more than 380,000 pairings.

To download the application, visit http://www.nataliemaclean.com/blackberry/ from you BlackBerry Browser. The app costs $2.99.

Here are some of Natalie MacLean’s 10 favorite Barbecue Food and Drink Matches:

* Planked salmon with Canadian or Oregonian Pinot Noir.
* Grilled portobello mushrooms with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.
* Shish-kebab lamb with Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon.
* Skewered chicken with Provencal Rose.
* Marinated pork chops with Italian Chianti.
* Barbecued spare ribs with Australian Shiraz.
* Grilled pepper steak with Rhone Valley Syrah.
* Herb-rubbed chicken with Argentine Malbec.
* Grilled hamburgers with Californian Zinfandel.
* Roasted marshmallows with German Late Harvest Riesling.

See Natalie Maclean’s site for more about wine tasting and pairing. Also, be sure to look for her app in App World.

Free BlackBerry app makes you a wine connoisseur

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I got tipped off by a friend at WES about a cool app called R-Vintage by REGARD that is perfect for wine enthusiasts. This free app will allow mobile wine lovers to do a quick vintage ratings look-up by country, region and varietal increasing the chances of picking a winner from the wine list.

This free version provides static lookup back to the year 2000. In addition to numeric ratings, you receive a Drink/Hold recommendation vintage by vintage. A premium version will be released soon to provide dynamic lookup and other must-have features for wine lovers.

Download R-Vintage Lookup for BlackBerry (OS 4.2 and above).

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