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RIM to Offer Cloud Solution and Support for Managing Multiple Smartphones


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Back on the 13th of January, RIM held an event in Boston for press and analysts called Business On BlackBerry. RIM had the following experts on hand:

BlackBerry in the Enterprise in 2011 – Alec Taylor, Vice President, Product Marketing
BlackBerry Enterprise Portfolio in 2011 –Peter Devenyi, Vice President, BlackBerry Enterprise Software
PlayBook for Business – Ryan Bidan, Senior Product Manager for PlayBook

Some interesting news came out of the event including the fact that RIM is considering a cloud-based BES solution for mail clients as well as supporting multiple smartphone platforms.
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Zenprise Announces MobileManager Version 6.0


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Zenprise is a company we’ve been following for a long time on BlackBerryCool and they have recently launched 6.0 of their MobileManager product. The company’s product is a holistic approach to security for a company with support for multiple smartphones in their environment. In order to keep a company’s data safe, MobileManager offers IT the following security and management capabilities:
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Zenprise Launch Smartphone Remote Control Feature


Zenprise have a very robust device management solution that IT administrators use to keep tabs on the mobile deployments across large organizations. Today, they have introduced a new smartphone remote control feature for their device management solution MobileManager. The software enables help desk representatives to remotely connect and view a user’s smartphone screen. Help desk reps can view and walk a user through troubleshooting their device, or they can take control and troubleshoot themselves.
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RIM Hosting Sessions for IT Managers Looking to Embrace Employee Liable Smartphones


We have talked a few times about Employee Liable vs Corporate Liable smartphones. A corporate liable device is one that the company distributes and is responsible for the cost and maintenance of the device. Generally, this device is locked down and restricted, so as to minimize cost and security risks to the organization. An employee liable device is purchased by the employee, and brought into the organization. This device may or may not be compatible with the network, and it’s up to executive management and the IT department whether or not said device will be allowed.

It is widely reported that employee liable smartphones are on the rise, and in speaking with Ahmed Datoo of Zenrprise, we discussed the possibility that it could be largely attributed to the recession. Employee liable devices are less expensive than corporate liable devices, and while they may carry added headaches for IT, the need for cost cutting has given a large number of consumer smartphones the green light.
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Contest Reminder: Zenprise WES Giveaway


I’ve spoken to a few companies that are cutting back their conference attendance given a general recession and tightening of resources. I thought I’d remind everyone that Zenprise are running a contest right now for a free pass to WES 2010. We’ll remind readers a couple more times leading up to the conference in case you missed it, because we think every company in the BlackBerry space should attend this event. Head over to their Facebook page facebook.com/zenprise and share your smartphone support story.

Win a Free Trip to WES 2010 with Zenprise!


Zenprise have a great contest running where you can win a free pass to WES 2010 ($1,799 value). All you have to do is become a fan of their Facebook page, and write a funny end user smartphone support story on their wall. If you decide to do a video post and win, Zenprise will also reimburse you up to $500 for your plane fare to Florida.

Not a bad deal! You have nothing to lose and a free trip to WES 2010 to gain so head over to facebook.com/zenprise and enter.

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