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Review: OtterBox Roundup

Sep 20, 2007: 

The big name in ruggedized devices comes to the ‘Cool. We run through a few OtterBoxes and talk to an expert on the subject.

New BlackBerry 8300 charging cradle available

Sep 11, 2007: 

BoxWave has busted out a charger for the BlackBerry 8300. We’d sooner hold out for a BerryBuddy, based on superficial looks alone.

New BlackBerry 88XX OtterBox available

Aug 29, 2007: 

The new OtterBox 1933 looks a little sleeker than you might be used to from these guys.

BlackBerry 8100 charger coming soon

Aug 23, 2007: 

RIM already has a charger, but it’s ugly as sin. The BerryBuddy, though, is something I’d like to see on my desk.

Video Review: SideWinder BlackBerry Charger

Aug 14, 2007: 

BlackBerry Cool reviews the SideWinder mobile charger. With video!

Review - Impatica ShowMate

Jun 22, 2007: 

Conducting PowerPoint through your BlackBerry is a good idea, but it has a ways to go.

Review - Proporta Alu-Leather Case

Jun 19, 2007: 

Verdict? Rugged and good-looking, yet large and awkward. Kinda like me.

Wireless recharger available July 7

Jun 13, 2007: 

For anyone using more than a BlackBerry, the WildCharger will be able to recharge multiple devices minus the hassle of adapters.

Review - Proporta Advanced Screen Protector

May 31, 2007: 

See how much punishment a thin plastic screen can take.