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Windows Mobile gets their own BES

Oct 23, 2007: 

AT&T has announced the Mobile Device Manager, a Windows Mobile solution set to compete against the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

B.C. criminals using BlackBerrys

Oct 09, 2007: 

Are BlackBerrys too secure for their own good? Canadian gangs have been picking up the devices more and more in the last couple of years.

E-mail disaster recovery for BES

Oct 01, 2007: 

A new BES mail security option just hit the market by way of Cemaphore’s MailShadow, which keeps tight tabs on all e-mail transactions.

BES and BlackBerry 8800 launched in Uganda

Sep 25, 2007: 

Uganda gets Berryfied, with BES and the 8800.

Empower offers BES-dedicated mailbox

Sep 12, 2007: 

If you’re sick of all your BES mail getting mixed in with other mail from other addresses, or SMS messages, Empower has something you should take a look at.

BES version 5 en route, maybe with HTML e-mail handling?

Aug 30, 2007: 

An upcoming BES update could include HTML e-mail handling. Exciting, no?

Tips for reducing BES administration stress

Aug 27, 2007: 

IT professionals have reported stress levels competing with air traffic controllers and police officers when the e-mail system is down. Here are some tips to get things running and keep the blood pressure low.

RIM making a mini-BES

Aug 24, 2007: 

RIM’s new BlackBerry Home Server could give you what iTunes can, and then some. Not only that, but you won’t even have to be plugged in to your desktop.

Want a free crash course in BlackBerry e-mail? Read this.

Aug 11, 2007: 

If you’re a little (or really) confused about how BlackBerry handles e-mail, we’ve found an article which should lay everything out for you.