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Jem Telecom releases Navigation Solutions bundle

Jul 25, 2007: 

UK carrier Jet Telecom releases a navigation bundle for their enterprise users, featuring Telenav, Traffic TV, and PlanaJourney software.

Track your golf game by GPS

Jul 12, 2007: 

IntelliGolf lets you track all sorts of info to help you keep on top of your game.

BlackBerry for 3 carriers under one roof

Jul 11, 2007: 

O2, Orange and T-Mobile BlackBerrys are now being sold by the Carphone Warehouse.

BlackBerry hits second Kenyan carrier

Jul 03, 2007: 

Celtel catches up to Safaricom to duke it out for BlackBerry supremacy.

MP3 ringtones finally come to BlackBerry

Jun 27, 2007: 

Bplay’s busting out the tunes for your BlackBerry.

Extra! Extra! Newspaper on your BlackBerry!

Jun 25, 2007: 

Like reading the news? Then $29.95 for over 500 newspapers on your BlackBerry might be for you.

Accounting software available on BlackBerry

Jun 20, 2007: 

The new powerOne software is offering a lot of “what-if” scenario problem-solving on your BlackBerry. Yours for fifty bucks.

File transfer on JiveTalk

Jun 18, 2007: 

What’s a chat client without file transfer? A mockery, I say. A mockery!

Wafer cameras are especially scrumptious for mobiles

Jun 15, 2007: 

Tessera Technologies is making some incredibly tiny cameras that RIM might be interested in.