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36 days of BlackBerry reviews

Aug 08, 2007: 

9 days with a BlackBerry 8100, BlackBerry 8300, BlackBerry 8700 and BlackBerry 8800 make for a lot of review material.

Tele Atlas launches ‘Maps in Apps’ developer contest

Aug 01, 2007: 

Tele Atlas announces a developer contest designed to foster innovative LBS applications. Whoever wins, we call first dibs on their app.

T-Mobile Austria teams up with Telenav for the BlackBerry 8800

Jul 27, 2007: 

T-Mobile Austria gets on the GPS train with Telenav for the BlackBerry 8800.

Jem Telecom releases Navigation Solutions bundle

Jul 25, 2007: 

UK carrier Jet Telecom releases a navigation bundle for their enterprise users, featuring Telenav, Traffic TV, and PlanaJourney software.

One more Mac tethering solution

Jul 19, 2007: 

We posted two ways of doing it yesterday, so here’s another for good measure.

RIM announces BlackBerry 8820

Jul 18, 2007: 

Wi-Fi is on the way! On top of that, we’ve got microSDHC support for storage up to 32 GB. That’s a lot of data to cram onto a fingernail.

T-Mobile pulling BlackBerry 8800 off shelves to make room for Wi-Fi model?

Jul 17, 2007: 

Maybe it’s just a temporary stock issue, but maybe it’s a sign of things to come…?

New hardware lets you swipe credit cards on your BlackBerry

Jul 13, 2007: 

If you’re looking to be doing hard and fast business on the go, Aircharge has a solution for you.

Track your golf game by GPS

Jul 12, 2007: 

IntelliGolf lets you track all sorts of info to help you keep on top of your game.