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BlackBerry 8830 comes to Alltel

Aug 31, 2007: 

The little American carrier gets a new BlackBerry to keep its other lonely BB some company.

New BlackBerry 88XX OtterBox available

Aug 29, 2007: 

The new OtterBox 1933 looks a little sleeker than you might be used to from these guys.

New Sprint ads for the discriminating multibillionaire

Aug 27, 2007: 

$10.5 million is small potatoes for the service of a BlackBerry 8830, plus the limited-time private island offer is a nice extra. Well, says Sprint. YouTube’s down right now, but for whenever it gets back up…

September 15th. rumored release date for AT&T BlackBerry 8820

Aug 15, 2007: 

The rumored August release didn’t happen, maybe we can see the BlackBerry 8820 in September…?

Widespread Canadian EVDO Rev. A confirmed

Jul 18, 2007: 

The rollout is confirmed, so any 8830-carrying Telus subscribers should be on the lookout for a software upgrade.

Sprint BlackBerry 8830 launches

Jul 16, 2007: 

Official release today, $199.99 with a 2-year plan, including unlocked SIM card accessibility.

Track your golf game by GPS

Jul 12, 2007: 

IntelliGolf lets you track all sorts of info to help you keep on top of your game.

Wi-Fi 88XX BlackBerry en route

Jul 09, 2007: 

Looks like the Komet and 8320 might not be the first ones packing Wi-Fi.

Sprint and Qualcomm to tag-team Broadcom

Jul 05, 2007: 

With Sprint’s help, can Qualcomm find a way around the patent battle with Broadcom?