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Google Docs goes mobile

Oct 17, 2007: 

Google Docs is now mobile-accessible, but still no editing. Humbug.

Knock-offs pose threat to BlackBerrys in China

Oct 17, 2007: 

The China Unicom’s RedBerry is a well-entrenched alternative to the BlackBerry, and could seriously stunt Chinese adoption.

Report: BlackBerry strong in face of iPhone

Oct 16, 2007: 

T-Mobile and Alltel lost plenty of customers as a result of the iPhone, and lots of Sidekick and Palm Treo users made the switch - but anyone with a BlackBerry isn’t budging.

Live Search comes to BlackBerry

Oct 16, 2007: 

Another search engine muscles in on the mobile game. Of course Google’s still king, right?

Firefox going mobile

Oct 12, 2007: 

Firefox has dedicated themselves to getting into the mobile game. Will they make as much of an impact on the BlackBerry as they have on the desktop?

Another RSS option for your BlackBerry

Oct 11, 2007: 

If you’re not down with Viigo, LiteFeeds offers a decent alternative.

RIM makes nice with litigator, uses their predictive text patent

Oct 11, 2007: 

After a legal spat with Eatoni, RIM has made peace and will be using their predictive text keyboard patent, likely on SureType devices.

Losing your mobile is more painful than dental work

Oct 10, 2007: 

A recent survey by FusionOne has revealed how important it is to consumers to back up contacts and other content on mobile.

Web Video Generator updated

Oct 05, 2007: 

If you love your YouTube, this app will let you keep your favourite videos on your BlackBerry.