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SpinVox partners with Rogers for textified voicemail

Aug 27, 2007: 

Both English and French-speaking Rogers customers will be able to get their voicemail turned into SMS text messages thanks to SpinVox.

Pearl 2 coming to Telus before end of year

Aug 21, 2007: 

BlackBerry Sync is hearing whispers that Telus is going to have the BlackBerry Pearl 2 before the end of the year.

Rogers white BlackBerry 8100 discontinued

Aug 10, 2007: 

Rogers is either not selling enough in light if its fancy shmancy red Pearl, or they’re making way for the Pearl 2.

Telus leads Canadian Q2 carrier growth

Aug 09, 2007: 

Telus leads Q2 2007 growth at 2.5% - can they keep it up?

Telus posts Q2 results, drops out of BCE bid

Aug 07, 2007: 

Telus’ second quarter of 2007 shows a dip, and confirms dropping out of the Bell Canada bid for good.

Idokorro gets Vodafone seal of approval

Jul 20, 2007: 

One of our neighbours just got their Mobile Admin software recognized as Vodafone Certified Application, giving them support from Vodafone a la ISV Alliance.

RIM keeping operation centres in Canada

Jul 18, 2007: 

Norm Lo lays down the law once more, telling press that there won’t be any network operating centres in Asia anytime soon.

Widespread Canadian EVDO Rev. A confirmed

Jul 18, 2007: 

The rollout is confirmed, so any 8830-carrying Telus subscribers should be on the lookout for a software upgrade.

Nortel to kit out T-Mobile network for $150 mil

Jul 13, 2007: 

Despite lagging stocks, Nortel’s still kicking up some business.