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Telus launches Wireless Solutions Roadmap Assessment

Sep 04, 2007: 

If you’re not sure what your company needs in the way of wireless service, Telus now has an online assessment to help you figure it all out.

UK police using BlackBerrys

Sep 04, 2007: 

The Bedfordshire police are testing out BlackBerrys, and so far the devices are doing the job.

BES version 5 en route, maybe with HTML e-mail handling?

Aug 30, 2007: 

An upcoming BES update could include HTML e-mail handling. Exciting, no?

RIM fights Atari to keep BrickBreaker

Aug 28, 2007: 

Ever noticed the difference between BrickBreaker and Breakout? Yeah, neither did we, but now that you mention it…

Tips for reducing BES administration stress

Aug 27, 2007: 

IT professionals have reported stress levels competing with air traffic controllers and police officers when the e-mail system is down. Here are some tips to get things running and keep the blood pressure low.

RIM making a mini-BES

Aug 24, 2007: 

RIM’s new BlackBerry Home Server could give you what iTunes can, and then some. Not only that, but you won’t even have to be plugged in to your desktop.

38% of smartphone users chose BlackBerry

Aug 22, 2007: 

BlackBerry claims the number one spot of smartphones used, but at what cost?

RIM’s Wi-Fi partner enabling VoIP and other services

Aug 22, 2007: 

Devicescape, one of many to thank for Wi-Fi in BlackBerrys, is developing a VoIP solution that could circumvent any UMA/SIP problems.

Analyst says BlackBerry 8820 will have SIP support

Aug 21, 2007: 

An ABI analyst is predicting that SIP will be coming to the BlackBerry 8820, meaning enterprise customers are more likely to get their voice handover working.