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Sneak peak at Sprint’s BlackBerry 8130

Sep 11, 2007: 

We can now say with some certainty that the BlackBerry 8310 on Sprint will be running GPS and supporting streaming video via EVDO.

BlackBerry 8120 shots and details

Aug 28, 2007: 

Pinstacker Hayden busts out some shots of the long-awaited BlackBerry Pearl 2, chock-full of Wi-Fi, 3.5mm headphone jack and external memory card slot.

New Sprint Pearl 2 details

Aug 23, 2007: 

Sprint’s Pearl 2 is aiming for a Q4 launch, and the 2 megapixel camera seems to be here to stay.

EVDO BlackBerry 8130 coming to Sprint?

Aug 17, 2007: 

Sprint’s looking to release an EVDO Pearl sometime this year - could it be the BlackBerry 8130?

Qualcomm gets no love from feds

Aug 07, 2007: 

Bush administrators find no fault in the ITC ban on some Qualcomm chips, leaving the manufacturer running out of options.

Verizon pays Broadcom for chips, skips Qualcomm

Jul 20, 2007: 

While Sprint might be trying to get Qualcomm out of its rut, Verizon’s decided to join up with Broadcom so it can keep pumping out devices.

EVDO rev. A coming to Telus with ninjalike covertness

Jul 06, 2007: 

The transition should be done and over with by July 9 or 10.

Sprint and Qualcomm to tag-team Broadcom

Jul 05, 2007: 

With Sprint’s help, can Qualcomm find a way around the patent battle with Broadcom?

Verizon pulls no punches over the weekend

Jul 03, 2007: 

Not only does Verizon finish of EVDO Rev. A upgrades, they also unveil some new all-inclusive unlimited plans.