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The French aren’t crazy to not use BlackBerrys, just politically motivated

Aug 03, 2007: 

The French government wants their citizens to use French-made smartphones. Too bad none of them are as good as a BlackBerry.

RIM announces BlackBerry 8820

Jul 18, 2007: 

Wi-Fi is on the way! On top of that, we’ve got microSDHC support for storage up to 32 GB. That’s a lot of data to cram onto a fingernail.

E-mail security company joins ISV Alliance

Jun 26, 2007: 

Izecom could help bolster RIM’s security image.

Push e-mail competitor bashes RIM over French ban

Jun 26, 2007: 

Push e-mail competitor, emoze, is riding the press from the French BlackBerry ban in order to promote their own service as a bajillion times more secure.

French government bans BlackBerrys, uses them in secret anyway

Jun 20, 2007: 

RIM’s security isn’t good enough for top secret material, according to French officials.

BlackBerry hits the skies

Jun 19, 2007: 

Thanks to some recently-approved equipment, you’ll be able to access GSM networks in Europe while in flight.