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BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 11

Dec 14, 2007: 

BBCool rolls out podcast number 11, highlighting RIM’s new store, their presence at CES, and more.

Google Calendar syncs to BlackBerry

Dec 12, 2007: 

Google and BlackBerry get just a little cozier with some calendar syncing action available at http://m.google.com/sync .

Navizon hops on the free cell positioning bandwagon

Dec 11, 2007: 

Navizon Lite is now offering free cell tower positioning for your BlackBerry. If Google’s not doing the trick for you, maybe this is worth a shot.

Google Updater for BlackBerry

Dec 07, 2007: 

The new Google Mobile Updater lets you get all of the newest mobile apps on your BlackBerry as soon as they’re ready.

Google unveils GPS-less location-detection

Nov 28, 2007: 

Google’s newest version of Maps allows for cell tower triangulation, so even if you don’t have GPS, you can still get some location-based service.

Google Calendar syncing app seeking beta testers

Nov 27, 2007: 

Mobiun is working on some mobile calendar synchronisation - want to help make sure they do it right for BlackBerry?

Verizon CEO says BlackBerrys are closed but stable

Nov 20, 2007: 

Would you call the BlackBerry 8830 “one of the most closed devices on the market today”? Seems a little excessive, dontcha think?

The lazy man’s mobile search engine

Nov 14, 2007: 

Boopsie lets you search a wide array of engines with just a few key strokes into your queries offering immediate results.

3 new apps for BB-users on the move

Nov 13, 2007: 

Trimble has unloaded three cool new GPS apps for GSM users, inclduing a fitness tracker, a geocache helper, and a hiking navigator.