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Rogers’ BlackBerry 8310 available September 11th.

Sep 07, 2007: 

Rogers has officially announced the release of their BlackBerry 8310. It might not be as black as we thought it was, but titanium is still pretty badass.

Weekly Contest: What’s after Wi-Fi and GPS?

Sep 07, 2007: 

Wi-Fi and GPS are still pretty new to us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start dreaming about the next big feature on a BlackBerry. Let us know what you think it is and win 3 games from Bplay!

Rogers’ BlackBerry 8310 almost here?

Sep 06, 2007: 

We’ve seen the shots, now the rumor mill is spinning on an impending release date.

AT&T’s HTC Tilt getting BlackBerry Connect

Sep 06, 2007: 

For any Windows Mobile fans in the house, AT&T’s HTC as yet unreleased Kaiser should be supporting BlackBerry Connect.

RIM and AT&T are negotiating a deal to leave the BlackBerry 8820 un-neutered; the Internet wins

Aug 29, 2007: 

RIM and AT&T are in the works to de-neuter the BlackBerry 8820, and it’s all thanks to you guys!

BlackLine launches Blip beta

Aug 28, 2007: 

BlackLine GPS is opening up the doors for social networking location-based services, and BBCool’s on the beta.

Interview: Tele Atlas talks GPS, LBS, and their Innovator Series

Aug 24, 2007: 

We interview Tele Atlas’ Darrin Wilkey about GPS, their Maps in Apps developer contest, and what RIM’s doing to help grow LBS.

BlackBerry 8310 comes to Portugal

Aug 23, 2007: 

Portugal gets their BlackBerry 8310 kicks, while us poor saps in North America continue to grind our teeth, waiting for it to get over here.

BlackBerry 8100 rocks Handango sales

Aug 22, 2007: 

The BlackBerry Pearl is second only to Motorola Q this quarter in terms of Handango’s software sales. Their top-selling app for BlackBerry these days is VoiceControl.