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Reliance launches CDMA BlackBerry network in India

Sep 10, 2007: 

Reliance has finalized their network expansion, and are now launching the BlackBerry 8830 to make use of it.

GSM and HTC share a birthday

Sep 07, 2007: 

Two of the big boys in wireless share a birthday today: Windows Mobile device manufacturer HTC, and the network you all know and love, GSM.

BlackBerry 8820 on AT&T by August 13th?

Aug 01, 2007: 

The Boy Genius has fresh word that the BlackBerry 8820 will be hitting AT&T shelves by August 14th. You should probably believe him.

RIM launches BlackBerry 8310 in Germany

Aug 01, 2007: 

RIM launches the BlackBerry Curve 8310 with GPS support in Germany through Vodafone. North Americans are left in the cold.

EU wants to open up 900 MHz beyond GSM

Jul 25, 2007: 

The EU wants to open up the 900MHz spectrum for more than just GSM, hoping to cut costs and provide higher-end services.

Orange gets BlackBerry 8820 first

Jul 24, 2007: 

Orange beats everyone to the punch and announces the BlackBerry 8820 in the UK.

AT&T and the BlackBerry 8820: July or August?

Jul 23, 2007: 

Is the BlackBerry 8820 coming out on AT&T this week, or in August? We don’t know for sure, but we can harbor a guess.

RIM announces BlackBerry 8820

Jul 18, 2007: 

Wi-Fi is on the way! On top of that, we’ve got microSDHC support for storage up to 32 GB. That’s a lot of data to cram onto a fingernail.

Sprint BlackBerry 8830 launches

Jul 16, 2007: 

Official release today, $199.99 with a 2-year plan, including unlocked SIM card accessibility.