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Varicent joins ISV Alliance


Varicent has just kicked off their new mobile sales performance management software by announcing membership into RIM’s Independent Software Vendor Alliance. In addition to letting management-types get the typical high-level business intelligence while on the move, the software also lets ground-level salespeople track their commissions, territory, sales progress and goals. A lot of sales jobs these days require a fair bit of moving around, so being able to access that info and have it all updated in real-time is a solid asset to any sales-centric enterprise. For more info, check out Varicent’s site.

Patient-tracking app joins ISV


StethoscopeWe’ve got yet another addition to the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendor Alliance… today it’s Confidant, who make an app for mobiles which monitors, transmits and stores data relating to chronic disease, collected wirelessly from medical devices. Diabetes and obesity are their primary targets right now, with asthma and prescription dosage monitoring in the works, but it’s easy to see the far-reaching medical applications of this kind of platform. Confidant doesn’t just track and store information for the sake of making caregivers’ lives easier, but it also gives visualizations and feedback on health status so patients can see how they’re doing themselves. If that study looking at exactly this kind of patient care pans out, Confidant will have some good, hard numbers to back up their software.

How to make and send postcards from you Curve


PostcardThe newest addition to the Independent Software Vendors Alliance, Me Inc., is offering a free beta for their Shout Postcard service on BlackBerry. Shout Postcard makes postcards with pictures taken from your Curve or Treo, along with recorded voice notes and typed out messages, perfect for those snide “wish you were here” cards that you can send by e-mail right from the tropical beach. Now if you could send the newly-supported video clips too, you’d be set. If you’re interested in giving the beta a try, you can download it over the air at www.shoutpostcard.com/downloads/com_meinc_shout2.jad.

New photo sharing service joins ISV Alliance


Some bold souls have taken the iWhatever moniker to a new extreme with iTookThisOnMyPhone, a free photo-sharing service recently announced as a member of the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendors Alliance. The gist of the program is anyone on a major U.S. carrier can have the photos they snap with their BlackBerry Pearl or Curve automatically uploaded to iTTOMP’s web service, letting you share your pictures immediately and leaving the memory on your BlackBerry for other things. There’s no limit to how many pictures you can upload, but you better believe that you’ll be seeing it on your bill if you’re on anything short of an unlimited data plan. iTTOMP seems handy for the folks who take a lot of pictures, but I think I’d stick with the new Facebook photo sharing for now. Thanks for the heads up, Ronen!

GotVoice joins ISV Alliance


GotVoice announced today their membership in the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendor Alliance. The ISV Alliance is RIM’s way of getting all the great BlackBerry software developers under their wing, which means better BlackBerry apps for all. Man, if only Apple could show the same love, huh? GotVoice’s service is integrated right into BlackBerry’s phone, and lets you do some handy things with voicemail.

“BlackBerry smartphone users can receive their carrier voicemail messages as an email with an MP3 attachment* or through GotVoice’s Visual Voicemail interface, which integrates within the BlackBerry phone application for easy management of voicemail*. GotVoice voicemail to text service is also now available for BlackBerry smartphone users, providing another option for customers seeking a converged messaging solution.”

Idokorro gets Vodafone seal of approval


Gold starHometown company Idokorro received Vodafone Certified Application status yesterday for their Mobile Admin software. From the sounds of it, having a Vodafone Certified Application is a lot like being in RIM’s Independent Software Vendor Alliance.

As a Vodafone Certified Application, Idokorro Mobile now has access to Vodafone UK’s technical expertise and will be recommended to appropriate customers by Vodafone UK account managers. Idokorro Mobile Admin will be identified by the “Vodafone Certified Application” brand logo. This will allow Idokorro to benefit from Vodafone UK’s position as the UK’s largest mobile network operator, offering its customers in-depth support and peace of mind when deploying new mobile applications.

Good stuff, guys. You get a gold star.

E-mail security company joins ISV Alliance


It must be International E-mail Security Day, or something. Izecom, an S/MIME e-mail encryption service provider, has joined the ISV Alliance today, hopefully counteracting some of the bad press following the French incident. Their Izemail client for BlackBerry has only been on the block for under a year, but clearly they’re looking at growing demand.

“BlackBerry is the mobile email platform that is most widely used around the world,” said Christine Karman, President & CEO of Izecom. “At the same time, the need for email encryption has become obvious. We have a great solution for S/MIME email encryption on BlackBerry smartphones. By joining the BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program we can ensure that our products will continue to work seamlessly with the leading BlackBerry smartphones.”

Accounting software available on BlackBerry


A handy little software package geared for accountants has been announced today. powerOne by Inifinity Softworks is offering a robust application for any visor-clad moneychangers on the go.

powerOne software’s unique, easy-to-use template design helps answer what-if questions fast. Once answered, users can instantly send an email with embedded results. This quick-send feature makes an excellent calling card, quick quote, or personalized record. Analysis options include financial calculations such as Time Value of Money, amortizations, mortgages, and cash flows including NPV and IRR, unit and time conversions, and business calculations such as profit margin and percent change. Over 200 calculations are available.

I don’t know what NPV or IRR mean, but I’m sure they’re very important. Pricewise, they’re asking $49.95, and is available on anything running OS 4.1 and up, including the Pearl, the BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8300, the 87XX series, the 71XX series, the 72XX series, and the 75XX series. On top of the software, Infinity Softworks is now a part of the ISV Alliance, so grats to them. The trial version is available over here.

Chalk becomes BlackBerry Alliance member


Remember Chalk? Looks like they just got into the Independent Software Vendors Alliance Program offered by RIM, meaning perks galore. Application support, beta previews, marketing materials, sales resources, training, the whole nine yards. Based on our interview at WES, their training software, Mobile Chalkboard, looked pretty solid, so good on them for getting ISV Alliance membership.