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RIM shows love for open source at Ontario Linux Fest

Sep 21, 2007: 

You love your Linux as much as you love your BlackBerry, RIM might have a job for you at the Ontario Linux Fest.

NetworkSolutions to enable mobile domain hoarding

Sep 21, 2007: 

Do you keep a domain hoard? When lightning strikes, this handy little site can let you snap up domain names on your BlackBerry.

Connect with the Experts goes on tour for IT professionals October 11th.

Sep 21, 2007: 

If you’re a BlackBerry technical expert and are anywhere between London and South Africa, you might want to sign up for this one-day seminar.

Idokorro changes name to something sensible

Sep 17, 2007: 

Enterprise software company Idokorro has announced a name change to Rove. Rolls of the tongue a little easier, doesn’t it?

Tips for reducing BES administration stress

Aug 27, 2007: 

IT professionals have reported stress levels competing with air traffic controllers and police officers when the e-mail system is down. Here are some tips to get things running and keep the blood pressure low.

95% of upper-management uses BlackBerry, burdens IT staff

Aug 14, 2007: 

95% of North American executives are using BlackBerrys - what kind of pressure is that putting on a company’s technicians?

Website traffic monitoring on your BlackBerry

Jul 09, 2007: 

So you can know when your site explodes while you’re on the go.

Motorola’s push e-mail offers IT utilities

Jun 26, 2007: 

Good Mobile Messaging 5 now has a slew of IT functions to help admins crack down on disobedient employees breaking corporate policy. Police badge not included.

RIM adds “default reset” option to BlackBerrys

Jun 15, 2007: 

BES admins now have a “hard-wipe” option for BlackBerrys. A perfect was to erase all incriminating evidence.