Jim Balsillie encourged by Supreme Court ruling

BalsillieJim Balsillie, RIM’s chairman and co-CEO made some statements in response to the recent developments in potential patent law reform yesterday while speaking at the Potomac Officers Club, a networking organisation for Washington DC business executives.

Encouraged by the Supreme Court’s ruling this month on eBay’s patent infringement case with MercExchange, Balsillie said that courts need to look at several factors instead of awarding near-automatic injunctions against the sale of products found to infringe patents. Balsillie also called on the US government to push for better intellectual property protection worldwide.

Balsillie, however, praised the US Patent and Trademark Office for looking at ways to speed up the patent re-examination process and the US Congress for considering bills to improve the process for granting patents.

“You have a great opportunity to lead, and there’s a great need for leading these issues globally,” said Balsillie. The US government is making “tremendous progress” in improving its patent system, “[But] it’s got much, much more to do,” he added.

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