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Free BlackBerry navigator software

Oct 24, 2007: 

Nav4All is now supporting BlackBerry handhelds. Are free location-based services too good to be true? Give this one a shot to find out.

Earthcomber for BlackBerry

Oct 23, 2007: 

Earthcomber’s a location-based service that lets you find friends, food, and plenty of other stuff for free. Best of all, they’re coming out with a BlackBerry client, so check it out!

Weekly Contest: Place your bets on Maps in Apps!

Oct 19, 2007: 

We have three fine contenders for Tele Atlas’ LBS contest - if you chose the winner, you get a free game from Magmic!

LBS takes chunk of the mobile app pie

Oct 12, 2007: 

51% of $118 million of mobile software was for location-based services. Although overall market penetration was low, higher prices put put LBS ahead of other app categories.

Review: BlackLine Blip and GPS Snitch

Sep 28, 2007: 

BlackLine has got some great new software which lets you share your GPS location with all your friends. But can it track your enemies? Check out our video to find out.

Broadcom working on low-power single-chip GPS

Sep 26, 2007: 

Between suing Qualcomm, Broadcom’s worked on a new GPS chip that could be finding its way into BlackBerrys real soon.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 7

Sep 17, 2007: 

BBCool’s Simon Sage teams up with BrokeIt’s Karl Susman to bring you the week’s big news, along with some juicy bits about the upcoming Desktop Media Manager. Take a listen!

SameCell offers free proximity detection between BlackBerry users

Sep 12, 2007: 

If you’re feeling the lack of GPS in your BlackBerry, SameCell has an innovative new system that will still get you location-based service absolutely free.

Review - Pocket Express

Sep 11, 2007: 

We take another look at Handmark’s Pocket Express, the app that aims to do it all. Ambitious goal, but can Express pull it off?