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Nokia tops smartphone manufacturers, leaves RIM in third

Aug 09, 2007: 

Nokia places first in ABI’s Smartphone Vendor Matrix, leading mainly by implementation rather than innovation.

Nokia is making money: Q2 sales, profits jump

Aug 02, 2007: 

Nokia releases strong Q2 financial numbers, but the important part is their 38% control of the handset market. Talk about an 800 lb. gorilla.

BlackBerry 8300 released in India

Jun 22, 2007: 

Hutch and Airtel are offering the Curve for 24,990 rupees, or a little over $US600.

New Bluetooth tech communicates with low-power devices

Jun 12, 2007: 

Nokia-developped Wibree has merged with Bluetooth to extend its range of functionality.

Nobody wants a touchscreen?

Jun 11, 2007: 

Nokia has gone so far to say that they’re “not enthusiastic” about touchscreen tech. Who is, then?

Qualcomm shares 3G love with Sagem

Jun 07, 2007: 

Sagem now set to work on WCDMA, but not without dishing out some royalties to Qualcomm.

Tiny audio format allows 2.5G OTA music

Jun 06, 2007: 

Can’t complain about anything 10 times smaller than MP3s.

Breaking News: Nokia to buy RIM, Apple, Motorola, and Saskatchewan

Jun 04, 2007: 

Our sources are reliable. Honest.

Nokia - Qualcomm fight slows down 3G progress

May 31, 2007: 

3G advances may be slowed due to Nokia and Qualcomm legal disputes.