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Rogers’ BlackBerry 8310 available September 11th.

Sep 07, 2007: 

Rogers has officially announced the release of their BlackBerry 8310. It might not be as black as we thought it was, but titanium is still pretty badass.

Broadcom moves forward with antitrust case against Qualcomm

Sep 07, 2007: 

A Court of Appeals has overturned an earlier District Court decision which limited antitrust cases against Qualcomm, but Broadcom has lost 6 of its charges in the process.

Rogers’ BlackBerry 8310 almost here?

Sep 06, 2007: 

We’ve seen the shots, now the rumor mill is spinning on an impending release date.

AT&T’s HTC Tilt getting BlackBerry Connect

Sep 06, 2007: 

For any Windows Mobile fans in the house, AT&T’s HTC as yet unreleased Kaiser should be supporting BlackBerry Connect.

iPhone rocks summer smartphone sales

Sep 04, 2007: 

The iPhone’s summer launch has netted about 1.8% of the US smartphone market. Yow.

Telus launches Wireless Solutions Roadmap Assessment

Sep 04, 2007: 

If you’re not sure what your company needs in the way of wireless service, Telus now has an online assessment to help you figure it all out.

AT&T’s BlackBerry 8820 on the way to stores

Sep 04, 2007: 

AT&T’s soft launch has purportedly begun, allowing BlackBerry 8820s to take the place of 8800s on shelves.

BlackBerry 8830 comes to Alltel

Aug 31, 2007: 

The little American carrier gets a new BlackBerry to keep its other lonely BB some company.

AT&T BlackBerry 8310 launching September 24th.

Aug 30, 2007: 

A date has been rumored for AT&T’s new GPS-enabled Curve… is it following too closely on the heels of the original?