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BlackBerry 8320 and OS 4.2.2 comparison charts leaked

Sep 14, 2007: 

Some details on the BlackBerry 8320 got confirmed, but the big news is really in the OS 4.2.2 features.

Sneak peak at Sprint’s BlackBerry 8130

Sep 11, 2007: 

We can now say with some certainty that the BlackBerry 8310 on Sprint will be running GPS and supporting streaming video via EVDO.

Foleo gets canned

Sep 05, 2007: 

You can now free up that $499 you’ve been saving for the craptop known as the Foleo. Palm’s CEO has officially buried the Foleo.

OS 4.3 screenshots sighted with media player upgrades

Aug 27, 2007: 

The e-mail viewer and address book have gotten a little prettier, but the big change in 4.3 will be Voice Notes falling under the Media Player umbrella.

BlackBerry calendar patch for BlackBerry 8300, 8830

Aug 13, 2007: 

Having issues syncing up your BlackBerry calendar with your desktop’s? A software patch might be all it takes to get you up and running again.

Details on new BlackBerrys and OS 4.3 leaked

Aug 09, 2007: 

Some PowerPoint slides are wafting through the blogosphere, ripe with info on BlackBerry’s upcoming Wi-Fi, GPS and OS.

Palm delays OS II, the inevitable

Jul 03, 2007: 

Palm’s CEO has mentioned their new Linux-based OS geared for the consumer market won’t be ready until next year. Not a great time for delays, Palm.

Upgrade to 4.0 OS now!

Jan 05, 2005: 

RIM has released OS 4.0, with links to download by specific carrier. Get it now!