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RIM to pay royalties on 3G BlackBerrys

Oct 11, 2007: 

InterDigital Technology Corporation has extended their contract with RIM right through 2012 and will encompass 3G devices.

RIM makes nice with litigator, uses their predictive text patent

Oct 11, 2007: 

After a legal spat with Eatoni, RIM has made peace and will be using their predictive text keyboard patent, likely on SureType devices.

Patent office stomps Visto objections

Sep 17, 2007: 

Two of Visto’s patent complaints against RIM have received preliminary rejection by the U.S. Patent Office. Does that mean the fight’s over? Hardly.

NTP to sue American carriers

Sep 12, 2007: 

The patent-holding firm NTP is done with RIM and Palm - now they’re going after the big boys.

Qualcomm hid patents, foots Broadcom’s legal bill

Aug 07, 2007: 

Qualcomm takes another hit today. Like it needed one.

Qualcomm gets no love from feds

Aug 07, 2007: 

Bush administrators find no fault in the ITC ban on some Qualcomm chips, leaving the manufacturer running out of options.

Qualcomm CEO not willing to make nice with Broadcom

Jul 26, 2007: 

The Qualcomm/Broadcom fued keeps getting messier. With no settlement on the horizon, Qualcomm might end up paying Broadcom the money owed to it by Verizon. Crazy.

Verizon pays Broadcom for chips, skips Qualcomm

Jul 20, 2007: 

While Sprint might be trying to get Qualcomm out of its rut, Verizon’s decided to join up with Broadcom so it can keep pumping out devices.

U.S. gearing up for first-to-file patent standard

Jul 20, 2007: 

Upcoming changes in patent laws could make RIM’s legal life just a little bit easier.