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RIM and AT&T are negotiating a deal to leave the BlackBerry 8820 un-neutered; the Internet wins

Aug 29, 2007: 

RIM and AT&T are in the works to de-neuter the BlackBerry 8820, and it’s all thanks to you guys!

Google teams up with emoze

Aug 29, 2007: 

Emoze’s free push e-mail to any cellphone just got a little sweeter with the inclusion of Gmail.

RIM fights Atari to keep BrickBreaker

Aug 28, 2007: 

Ever noticed the difference between BrickBreaker and Breakout? Yeah, neither did we, but now that you mention it…

Weekly Contest: Write an open letter to RIM

Aug 24, 2007: 

Engadget schooled Palm in the ways of awesomeness. Does RIM need similar scolding? Maybe just a few helpful hints? Write us your open letter and win an Impatica ShowMate.

BlackBerry 8100 charger coming soon

Aug 23, 2007: 

RIM already has a charger, but it’s ugly as sin. The BerryBuddy, though, is something I’d like to see on my desk.

The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Boy Genius Interviewed (Pt. 1)

Aug 22, 2007: 

BlackBerry Cool EIC Douglas Soltys interviews the man, the myth, the Boy Genius, about 9000 series BlackBerrys, the iPhone and whether or not RIM is cool. Also, BG tells us about wanting to work with RIM.

BlackBerry 8310 coming to UK soon

Aug 22, 2007: 

Rumor has it the BlackBerry 8310 in all its GPS glory will be landing in the UK soon.

RIM director says carriers ‘allowed’ for Wi-Fi BlackBerrys

Aug 22, 2007: 

A chat with RIM’s Wi-Fi director reveals that the timing for such a feature in the BlackBerry 8820 is based on carriers’ acceptance of the technology.

RIM’s Wi-Fi partner enabling VoIP and other services

Aug 22, 2007: 

Devicescape, one of many to thank for Wi-Fi in BlackBerrys, is developing a VoIP solution that could circumvent any UMA/SIP problems.