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SplashID updated

Nov 28, 2007: 

Password-keeper SplashID gets updated to version 4 with active links, more fields, an upgraded password generator and more.

BlackBerrys suceptible to Trojans?

Nov 28, 2007: 

Hackers continue to prod the holes in BlackBerry’s set-up. Legitimate threat, or just hypothetical test-tube viruses?

BlackBerry coming to Russia in Q1 2008

Nov 27, 2007: 

After getting over security quibbles with the ex-KGB, RIM’s set to launch some 8700s in the Motherland. In Soviet Russia, e-mail push BES.

Bacon on BlackBerry: Tethering security, backup viewing and more

Nov 22, 2007: 

Jeff Bacon answers readers’ questions on a smattering of tricky issues, including how to set your voicemail to leave you a few more rings to answer.

OS 4.3 features listed on RIM’s knowledgebase

Nov 08, 2007: 

Here’s the official OS 4.3 feature round-up!

Packt releases BES reference

Nov 07, 2007: 

Are you a BES admin looking for a reference? Packt just put a new one up on their shelves.

OS 4.3 helps wipe your BlackBerry clean

Nov 05, 2007: 

Looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of all your BES security settings? The new OS will have a JavaLoader command which can help you out.

More BlackBerry Unite! info

Oct 29, 2007: 

RIM’s put up a site with a demo and broad information for their small group syncing solution, BlackBerry Unite!, which is still only available in Spain. Can we get it here now? Please?

Navy locks down BlackBerrys

Oct 26, 2007: 

The U.S. Navy has loaded down their BlackBerrys with a bunch of new security features, including disabling GPS and PIN-to-PIN messaging.