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T-Mobile standee confirms second BlackBerry 8320 colour

Sep 13, 2007: 

A sharp-eyed forum-goer has spotted a promo for the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 in a catching dark grey. Not black or titanium, but still stylish.

New T-Mobile Pearl colours launched

Sep 12, 2007: 

T-Mobile’s new Pearls get official, and the cheap e-mail-only BlackBerry plan gets confirmed.

NTP to sue American carriers

Sep 12, 2007: 

The patent-holding firm NTP is done with RIM and Palm - now they’re going after the big boys.

T-Mobile tweaks BlackBerry BIS data plans

Sep 12, 2007: 

T-Mobile will be offering an e-mail-only option for BlackBerry users at mere $10/month. If you aren’t concerned about other data traffic, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

T-Mobile cuts a deal to BlackBerry resellers

Sep 06, 2007: 

T-Mobile’s dishing out the perks to retailers looking to sell their BlackBerrys.

T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 in the wild

Sep 04, 2007: 

T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8320 shows its true colours: gaudy gold.

Report: Simplicity sells cells

Aug 20, 2007: 

Usage of advanced features has been on the decline over the last couple of years. Less is more in the mobile world.

T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8100 gets facelift

Aug 14, 2007: 

T-Mobile’s Pearl should be getting gold, red and blue colours available soon, likely marking the BlackBerry 8100’s last hoo-rah before the Pearl 2 arrives.

BlackBerry 8320 hitting T-Mobile September 24th?

Aug 14, 2007: 

Boy Genius hints at a BlackBerry 8320 release date, which might be rubbing shoulders a little too closely with a BlackBerry 8310 release.